Ethan Margolis

Ethan Margolis

Musicians | Instrument: Guitar and vocals | Location: Los Angeles

This is a rare and delightful mix of Gypsy roots, Delta Blues, and sleek jazz. Vocals are compelling and the percussion wills you to move along with the music.


Updated: July 16, 2023

Born: May 3, 1978

World-traversed and genre-fluid guitarist Ethan Margolis, aka “Emaginario,” is a prime example of an artist who has become greater than the sum of his many parts and pathways. Through the eclectic filter of his musical passions, studies and influences, Margolis has evolved into a creative and worldly artist, whose deep connections with flamenco, jazz, aspects of pop, blues and even punk coalesce into a unique musical voice.

Elements of that Margolis style can be heard coming to fruition on his latest album, Trio Emaginario, in trio form with jazz masters Larry Grenadier and drummer Eric Harland. Illustrating the diverse reach of his musical impulses, Margolis also ventured into his debut “world jazz” album, Soleángeles, in 2014, during a period of live activity in such celebrated Los Angeles Blue Whale and the Baked Potato. From another hybridized corner of his musical mind comes the 2015 album Sonikete Blues. Recorded both in Spain and the USA, the project proposes an inventive merging of flamenco and blues—idioms with more emotional and fringe socio-cultural connections than might be expected.

Suffice to say, Margolis has evolved in tune with his own sense of artistic direction(s). His distinctive story, which has encompassed evolutionary periods in Spain and Los Angeles—his homebase since 2011--begins just outside Cleveland, Ohio, in the embrace of a musical household. His familial heritage also extends into the Deep South, a root system instilling roots music consciousness. With a songwriting father and classical guitarist brother, Ethan followed a natural course into music, but went his own way from the outset.

Just as American jazz musicians relocated to Europe for generations to find a level of artistic freedom, Ethan moved to Spain to refine his own artistic expression after transitioning from singer-songwriter to Flamenco guitar accompanist. He spent the next 11 years immersing himself in the Roma (Gitano) musical circuit in Andalucia and later disciplined with the Pinini Family of Roma singers in Lebrija, Spain, which is one of the birthplaces for roots Flamenco music. 

Returning to the United States in 2010 while simultaneously staying active in Andalusia, Margolis has retained his own "sketches of Spain" and its music while incorporating other popular musical idioms—including Blues, Cuban, and Americana into his ever-expanding musical repertoire. His albumTrio Emaginario brings this repertoire into full focus. The sounds of the Andalusian experience can be found throughout the recording as well as his deep interest in Jazz and Delta Blues.

Back on American soil, and specifically in the musically plugged-in and multiculturally-enriched environs of Los Angeles, Margolis has expanded his artistic spectrum and directed his talents to various situations. He has worked in theater and recording projects and led a world jazz band incorporating a stellar personnel list, including Forman, Deron Johnson, Reggie Hamilton, John Leftwich, Ric Fierabracci, Raúl Pineda, Diego Álvarez, Munyungo Jackson and Katisse Buckingham.

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(All About Jazz) "Margolis' guitar playing in "La Referencia" is no less than brilliant: Its sound almost glows, bright and sharp yet warm and emotional—a musician using exemplary technique to let his soul shine through."

( If you’ve ever been to one of Ethan’s masterpiece Flamenco fusion shows, you know this is some hot hot stuff. Extremely cool, smart, and sophisticated work. This is the stuff of tastemakers, of tomorrow’s superstars, of giants.

(Pittsburgh Magazine) "Margolis' dramatic strums and burbling runs of single notes comment on the action."

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