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Waking the Living

Earth People

Label: Undivided Vision
Released: 2001
Duration: 01:05:24
Views: 800


1. Earth People (expressions in Five Episodes) (36:25)
2. Don't Think About It (28:59)


Earth People
band / ensemble / orchestra
Karen Borca
Jason Candler
saxophone, alto
Daniel Carter
Sabir Mateen
saxophone, tenor
Francois Grillot
bass, acoustic
Gary Miles
Matt Lavelle
Ricardo Solis

Additional Personnel / Information

André Martinez - DW "Timeless Timber" drums, cocktail set, balafons, gongs, doumbek, talking drums & percussion: Doug "grand pepper" Principato - acoustic & electric guitars, "piano" synth, tin whistle, sample: M - vocals & incantations: Karen Borca - bassoon+: Jason Candler - alto sax, doumbek: Daniel Carter - flute, alto/tenor saxophone, trumpet: Sabir Mateen - alto/tenor saxophone, flute, alto clarinet: Mark Hennen - B3 emulator, synthesizer: Francóis Grillot - contrabass: Gary Miles - bass clarinet, baritone guitar, electric bass, flutophone: Matt Lavelle - trumpet, bass clarinet: Ricardo Solis - congas, bun buns, moroccan clay drums, quataca, caixixis, djembe, jun juns, rainstick: Dan Gaydos - sitar, electric guitar

Album Description

Waking the Living is the debut album from Earth People. Recorded live in March 2001 at CTV studios on Staten Island, the event was recorded to multi-track and video-taped for a future DVD release. Earth...the planet we inhabit, third in order from the sun...a tribe a race a nation of living creatures...Earth People trying to wake the Living...returning all the music in the world, putting it back together and returning it to the Earth...every kind of music with no restrictions in an undivided vision... They don't say they are a band they say they are Earth People...people who play the music of the Earth...not a Jazz band not a Rock band but they don't like to say that they are not any thing because they are any thing...Free Music...Free Rock Free Funk Free Jazz...Earth People are it...from east west south and north...prehistoric music, 20th-century-classical-avant-garde timeless ageless...a Free Music revolution... magic convolution...music is free and Love is free. Leading us to the rhythm is a madwoman...ridiculously ethereal goddess, high-priestess invoking spirits...she is the hopeful lady of the Earth...the reason the rhythm is in your head is so you can love. Earth People they trained for battle on a field of palettes...painted real notes with the rhythm of the life- force and got into the groove...hammered it out with drum and horn and string...wrenched it calamitous, calefactory, catastrophous out of the flood to dry land on an Earth ark...a rhythm of roads, rivers, of feet, hands...clouds spirits and raindrops on ancient roads...seeds and bones and ancestors' graves and fields of grain and fallen stars...Earth rhythm and water rhythm the rhythm of Love and the rhythm of Space. Standing next to you on the street, is that an Earth Person? They say that we are all Earth People...we listen to it, grow from it, make the music and the art of Earth... Earth People move...when you move it is a movement...move, People! Move and feel the rhythm of the day...Evolution-revolution, no more bullshit she swears...flowers of the night inspired by Love to give you this, a Love-text...it's the rhythm of your own heart. You are a citizen of the Earth... You are Earth... You belong to the planet... You are for movement... The Earth's rhythm makes it clear And sounds abound through the underground. —Bernard King Mercy Villa New York City, September 22, 2001



Album uploaded by Jason Candler

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