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Yuriy Galkin

Yuriy Galkin is an award-winning composer and contemporary jazz/improvising music bassist based in New York City metro area. He performed at such major venues and festivals as Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, Pizza Express Jazz Club, Southbank Centre, Vladivostok Jazz Festival, Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Hall, London Jazz Festival, Hull Jazz Festival, Barbican Centre, The Drill Hall and many more. Yuriy's name appeared at such major publications as The Guardian, Jazzwise Magazine, Bass Guitar Magazine, Jazz Journal, Jazz Weekly, Culture Jazz France, Jazz.Ru Magazine, The Telegraph to name a few and his music was broadcasted worldwide. Yuriy Galkin graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London, UK where he resided from 2005 till 2012

...For Its Beauty Alone

Label: Self Produced
Released: 2019
Track listing: 1. Exposition en niveaux de gris 1:49 2. Revival 6:29 3. Shifting Sands - Part I 3:58 4. Equilibrium 1:02 5. Further Eruptions 8:23 6. …For Its Beauty Alone 4:10 7. Shifting Sands - Part II 2:09 8. Camera Obscura 8:21 9. Rise And Fall… And Rise Again 0:40 10. Cradle Song 7:11 11. Frame Of Reference 4:45 12. ...For Its Beauty Alone (Reprise) 2:23


Yuriy Galkin: ...For Its Beauty Alone

Read "...For Its Beauty Alone" reviewed by Mark Corroto

There has to be a term for recordings you listen to for the sidemen, but repeat for its leader. Let's call it 'bait and swing.' A perfect example is ...For Its Beauty Alone by Yuriy Galkin. The bassist's second release pares down the nonet heard on Nine Of A Kind (F-IRE, 2012) to just four. But ...


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