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Yuri Turchyn

World class, A-list performances and original music by 5-string jazz violinist Yuri Turchyn whose international flair crisscrosses cultures, blending Gypsy Jazz, Afro Cuban, Latin Beat into fusion symmetry and string swing along with his distinctive voice and smooth, melodic vocals. A singer/songwriter, he composes and arranges original music while having a highly visible career as a featured premier performing artist. An “International Jazz Cat,” Yuri was featured at the West Bloor Street Festival, Toronto and toured with renowned Gypsy jazz, acoustic trio, BARTENDER, performing at the Umbria Folk Festival in Orvieto, Italy returning for several tours to the Umbria-Tuscany area

Morningstar | Before the Dawn

Label: Lucky Bird Records
Released: 2013
Track listing: Artificial World #1; Fate Is The Hunter #2; Heaven Is You #3; Majorca #4; Marikka #5; I'll Always Remember Your Name #6; Slinky #7; South Street Shuffle #8; Take You In My Arms #9; Tesselation #10; Teubal Ping #11; Resilience #12

Love Letters

Label: Lucky Bird Records
Released: 2011
Track listing: First Light #1; Q&A #2; Love Letter #3; Maryna #4; Trepidation #5; Another Chance #6; Venus + Mars #7; The Question In Their Eyes #8; Love Is A Miracle #9; Wedding Waltz

Yuri Turchyn+GRUPO YURI

Label: Lucky Bird
Released: 2009
Track listing: Benguela #1; Stone Companion #2; Fresh Grass #3; Nightingale #4; Heart of a Woman Part 1 #5; Caraboo #6; Walking Thru a Village #7; Gypsy Dance #8; Heart of a Woman Part 2 #9


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