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Sunhyun Yoo

Sun is a New York based professional alto saxophonist, musician, composer, educator and band leader from Seoul, Korea. His soulful dark sound springs from his influence on such giants in jazz; John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Kenny Garrett, and more. Thought out the years Sun has explored and absorbed the traditional language of modern jazz, and developed a unique style of improvising and composing. By searching the most natural and honest way for himself to feel and speak music through his instrument, Sun has found a way of combing the musical soul of his mother land with the traditional jazz

Sticky Fingers Super Deluxe Box Set

Label: Universal International
Released: 2015
Track listing: CD1: Brown Sugar; Sway; Wild Horses; Can't You Hear Me Knocking; You Gotta Move; Bitch; I Got The Blues; Sister Morphine; Dead Flowers; Moonlight Mile. CD2: Brown Sugar (Alternate Version with Eric Clapton); Wild Horses (Acoustic Version); Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Alternate Version); Bitch (Extended Version); Dead Flowers (Alternate Version); Live With Me (Live At The Roundhouse, 1971); Stray Cat Blues (Live At The Roundhouse, 1971); Love In Vain (Live At The Roundhouse, 1971); Midnight Rambler (Live At The Roundhouse, 1971); Honky Tonk Women (Live The Roundhouse, 1971). CD3: Jumpin Jack Flash (Live At Leeds University , 1971); Live With Me (Live At Leeds University , 1971); Dead Flowers (Live At Leeds University , 1971); Stray Cat Blues (Live At Leeds University , 1971); Love In Vain (Live At Leeds University , 1971); Midnight Rambler (Live At Leeds University, 1971); Bitch (Live At Leeds University, 1971); Honky Tonk Women (Live At Leeds University, 1971); (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Live At Leeds University, 1971); Little Queenie (Live At Leeds University, 1971); Brown Sugar (Live At Leeds University, 1971); Street Fighting Man (Live At Leeds University, 1971); Let It Rock (Live At Leeds University, 1971). DVD: Midnight Rambler (Live At The Marquee, 1971); Bitch (Live At The Marquee, 1971). 7-inch Vinyl: Brown Sugar; Wild Horses.

There Is a Song

Label: Universal International
Released: 2015
Track listing: Baltimore; Roll Roll; There Is a Song; Song for Dannie; In The Land of Plenty; Double Rainbow; Berlin Is Calling; Evening Song; Aurora Butterfly; Cold Heart; In a Paris Night; Northern Butterfly.


Mette Juul: There Is a Song

Read "There Is a Song" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Dopo aver debuttato nel 2010 nel ruolo della classica jazz singer (Coming in from the Dark, Cowbell Music), la danese Mette Juul ha iniziato a privilegiare le intime atmosfere della ballad d'autore, sul modello Joni Mitchell. Il cambiamento faceva capolino nel secondo disco (Moon on My Shoulder, Calibrated 2012), ancora ricco di intense versioni jazzistiche di ...

Sticky Fingers Super Deluxe Box Set

Read "Sticky Fingers Super Deluxe Box Set" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Year in and year out, much is made of the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street (Universal Music Group, 1972/2010) (EOMS) being the “greatest rock and roll album." It is traditionally beaten out in most critics' and readers' polls by either The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Parlophone, 1967) or Rubber Soul (Parlophone, 1965). ...


Label: Universal International
Released: 2014
Track listing: Aspettando; Come Savonarola; Lei s’illumina; Cadere sognare; La storia di Franco; Fibrillante; Le donne piangono in macchina; Fortefragile; Moderato; Me ne vado.


Eugenio Finardi: Fibrillante

Read "Fibrillante" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

A quindici anni da Millennio, che nel 1999 chiudeva appunto il succitato, Eugenio Finardi torna con un nuovo album di inediti e non si può dire che non lasci il segno. Cosa colpisce? Diversi elementi. Anzitutto le sonorità, che qualcuno etichetterebbe come decisamente vintage, calate come sono nel clima tipico degli anni a cavallo fra Sessanta ...


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