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River Road Ramblers

The River Road Ramblers was formed in 2007 to provide a Dixieland Band alternative for the Tucson area. Today, the band has six musicians - cornet, clarinet, trombone, tuba, banjo and drums. We perform traditional New Orleans style Dixieland Jazz, as well as the West Coast Jazz style of the Lu Watters and his Yerba Buena Jazz Band. We are fortunate to have a large library of music which includes the books of Lu Watters.



Electronic Press Kit JPJQ always surprises, excites, pleases and engages audiences with their blend of tradition, ingenuity, and joyful noise. Anchored by vocalist Julia Pinckney Jones and bassist/arranger Adam R Jones (Portland, OR), JPJQ "Team Vancouver" features Andrew R Smith and Max Ley, and JPJQ "Team Portland" adds Timothy Van Cleave and Alexander Margititch. This international quartet specializes in cross-genre, post-modern interpretations of popular songs and anthemic hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s, pairing new arrangements in vintage styles with polished and tested classic jazz. JPJQ's debut album, I Want Love, was released in 2016.


Harvey G Brooks

Bret Primack on Jazz Video and the Ira Gitler Documentary

Read "Bret Primack on Jazz Video and the Ira Gitler Documentary" reviewed by Steve Provizer

Since the 1990's, Bret Primack has probably been the most prolific video chronicler of jazz in the world. He has just released a documentary about jazz writer-record producer Ira Gitler called Ira Gitler Lives. Since Gitler was a big fan of Charlie Parker, I presume this is a play on a famous bit of graffiti—"Bird Lives." ...


Poncho Sanchez To Headline Free Tucson Downtown Jazz Fiesta On MLK Day 2019!

Poncho Sanchez To Headline Free Tucson Downtown Jazz Fiesta On MLK Day 2019!

Plus this dynamic lineup including: Trombone Shorty, Kathleen Grace with Larry Goldings, UA Studio Jazz Ensemble with Terell Stafford, and Sheila Jordan with Cameron Brown on sale August 24! The line-up for the 5th annual Tucson Jazz Festival, scheduled for January 11-21, 2019, continues to take shape with the announcement of Poncho Sanchez headlining the free ...


Michael Moynihan Quartet: Chronicles

Read "Chronicles" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Tucson, Arizona is not the first place most people associate with jazz. But it's where saxophonist Michael Moynihan grew up, and the setting for his debut album Chronicles. He says “I try to incorporate the settings as an integral part of the music on Chronicles, and have selected all musicians who are based in Tucson or ...


Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis at the Mesa Arts Center

Read "Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis at the Mesa Arts Center" reviewed by Patricia Myers

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis Mesa Arts Center Mesa, Arizona September 25, 2015 A sophisticated and engaging performance by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis was a meld of the trumpeter-leader's ongoing homage to jazz history plus the spark of original compositions from his current ...


Artt Frank: Talking Chet Baker

Read "Artt Frank: Talking Chet Baker" reviewed by Nicholas F. Mondello

In Chet Baker: The Missing Years--A Memoir (BooksEndependent,LLC), drummer/composer Artt Frank delivers an in-the-room intimate, yet no-holds-barred tale of his professional and personal relationship with the mythologized jazz trumpeter. Drawn from deep admiration for and loyal friendship with Baker, as well as his 14 years performing with him, Frank has painted a distinctive, poignant and dramatically ...


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