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Jose Fernandez Torres “Tomatito” was born in Almeria in 1958, in the Pescaderia neighborhood. His family is associated with Almeria since many generations back and has an inherent musical tradition. His Grandfather Miguel Fernandez Cortes “El Tomate” was a well-known figure at private parties at the turn of the century and among the young aficionados of Almeria’s traditional musical evenings, at which he played duets with his brother Antonio. His father, Jose Fernandez Castro, also “El Tomate”, was a guitar enthusiast at home and played the clarinet in the city’s Municipal Band


2017: The Year in Jazz

Read "2017: The Year in Jazz" reviewed by Ken Franckling

A year of achievements, challenges to gender inequality, scandal and losses The year 2017 was quite something for the jazz world. Incidents or discussions of misogyny and sexual misconduct bubbled up even before the #MeToo phenomenon developed. Beyond that, woman musicians made significant contributions to the genre. International Jazz Day brought its biggest stage ...

Magos Herrera: Rebirth in New York

Read "Magos Herrera: Rebirth in New York" reviewed by Gabriel Medina Arenas

New York City became the new jazz mecca during the 1920s, when many top jazz musicians from jny: Chicago and the rest of the U.S. migrated to the Big Apple. Jazz musicians from around the globe moved there every decade, knowing New York has some of the top jazz venues in the world, a dozen jazz ...


Stefano Bollani / Hamilton de Holanda: O que sera

Read "Stefano Bollani / Hamilton de Holanda: O que sera" reviewed by Ian Patterson

There's a relative paucity of piano and guitar duo recordings; Bill Evans and Jim Hall in the world of jazz, Horacio Salgán and the late Ubaldo de Lio in the world of tango, and Pamela and Robert Trent in the classical world are notable exceptions. When it comes to crossover, jazz pianist Michel Camilo and flamenco ...


Federico Britos: Voyage

Read "Voyage" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

The world continues to awake to the rising tide of undiscovered music and musicians from the South American paradigm, in an almost ironic kind of reversal of Alejo Carpentier's voyage of musical discovery in his 1953 work, The Lost Steps. As this is going on, the Uruguayan violinist Federico Britos celebrates five decades in the lonely ...

Tomatito: Anthology

Label: Unknown label
Released: 2008

Sin tanto

Released: 2006
Track listing: 1. De Madrid al Cielo - 5:59; 2. La paz que llevo dentro - 4:22; 3. A nuestro aire - 3:58; 4. Calle canastera - 4:26; 5. Entry (a mi papa) - 6:06; 6. Bailando - 4:49; 7. Manzana - 4:30; 8. Debajo del puente - 5:08; 9. Quisiera contarlo - 5:50 Tutti i brani sono di Jesús de Rosario, escluso 4, di de Rosario e Antonio Salazar


Jesús de Rosario: Sin tanto

Read "Sin tanto" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Madrileno, non ancora trentenne (è nato nel novembre del 1978), Jesús de Rosario è già oggi tra i più affermati chitarristi flamenco di Spagna. Ed il flamenco è il genere al quale egli si dedica in questo suo album, registrato col la collaborazione di un gran numero di musicisti, che entrano però solo a turno a ...


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