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Spike Robinson

Henry "Spike" Robinson was born in Kenosha,Wisconsin on 16th January 1930. He begain playing alto in the early 40's and in 1948 entered service in the U.S Navy as a musician. He somehow got a posting to London in 1950 and very quickly found his way to the leading jazz clubs where the new music was being disseminated. t this time he was Parker influenced and made some sides for the local Esquire Label in company with the leading London boppers including Victor Feldman. When he returned to America he wisely acquired a professional degree and established himself as an electronics engineer in Colorado

I Wish I Knew: Live in Dublin 1979

Label: Nagel Heyer Records
Released: 2008
Track listing: They Didn't Believe Me; Somerset; Later; Only A Rose; You're Blase; I Wish I Knew; Honeysuckle Rose; On A Slow Boat To China; A Summer Thing.


Spike Robinson: I Wish I Knew: Live in Dublin 1979

Read "I Wish I Knew: Live in Dublin 1979" reviewed by Samuel Chell

This release, dedicated to jazz promoter, producer and late founder of the German label bearing his name, Nagel Heyer, should come as a pleasant surprise to the fans of tenor saxophonist Spike Robinson. It had seemed almost certain that The CTS Session (Hep, 2005) was the final chapter in the story of this musician from Kenosha, ...

The CTS Session

Label: Hep Records
Released: 2006
Track listing: You Say You Care; Smoke Gets In Your Eyes; Waterjug; Summer Night; If She Walked into My Life; the Best Thing for You; Pot Luck; Nobody Else But Me; Have Blue Zoot, Will Travel; Soon It's Gonna rain; People Will Say We're in Love.


Spike Robinson: The CTS Session

Read "The CTS Session" reviewed by Samuel Chell

As a neglected and final recording session by a neglected, largely unknown tenor saxophonist with a remarkable story, The CTS Session, recorded by Spike Robinson in 1998 but released only recently, could easily become the recipient of overly charitable evaluations on the one hand, or abrupt dismissals on the other. It's neither a grand, triumphant goodbye ...

"At Chesters" Vol.2

Label: Liberty
Released: 1986

At Chesters

Label: Liberty
Released: 1985


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