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Label: Sunnyside Records
Released: 2008
Track listing: Solace; Wheeler Of Fortune; Far Side; Ives Suite Part I: Time Traveler; Ives Suite Part II: Time Traveler; Ives Suite Part III: Questions Unanswered; Ives Suite Part IV: Answers Unquestioned; In Passing; Pine Creek; Dave's Idea.


Jamie Baum Septet: Solace

Read "Solace" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Solace è un album sugli equilibri. Principalmente tra scrittura e improvvisazione - il brano dedicato a Kenny Wheeler e la mini suite ispirata a Charles Ives sono lì a testimoniarlo - ma anche tra musica d’insieme e momenti solistici, tra acustico ed elettrico, tra forma e libertà, tra conservazione e ricerca. Il settetto allestito dalla flautista, ...


Jamie Baum Septet: Solace

Read "Solace" reviewed by Michael P. Gladstone

New Yorker or, more specifically, Brooklyn flutist and composer Jamie Baum has again realized a most ambitious album that repeats the success of her previous Moving Forward, Standing Still (Omnitone, 2004), with largely the same personnel. After an intensive homage to Bela Bartok on that album, Baum spends even more time here with the work of ...


Jamie Baum Septet: Solace

Read "Solace" reviewed by Sean Patrick Fitzell

Jamie Baum is a rare improvising flutist who doesn't double from another instrument. For nearly a decade she's led an ambitious septet with French horn, trumpet and alto saxophone joining the frontline, propelled by piano, bass and drums. Doublings on alto flute, bass clarinet, flugelhorn and Fender Rhodes extend the ensemble's wide sonic and textural terrain. ...


Jamie Baum Septet: Solace

Read "Solace" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

When flautist/composer Jamie Baum releases a new album, many modern jazz aficionados take notice. With a core septet and others sitting in on various works, Baum pays homage to trumpeter/flugelhorn great Kenny Wheeler, and modern classicist Charles Ives. One of the many highlights of this set includes the “Ives Suite," where she rearranges the composer's famous ...


Label: Nagel Heyer Records
Released: 2003
Track listing: Solace, Another Time, Another Place; Love's Circles, Rendezvous, The Garden's Song, Nymphs, Lament, Absolution, My Beatrice


Roy Powell: Solace

Read "Solace" reviewed by Dr. Judith Schlesinger

Solace came in through the mail slot with two strikes against it: an unfamiliar leader and a program of all originals. Too often, this turns out to be a bad combination – an ego fest of little musical interest – but for once, it was a happy surprise. Pianist/composer Roy Powell is better-known in Europe; born ...


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