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Shine Ball

Label: Fresh Sound Records
Released: 2007
Track listing: 01. Shine ball; 02. Bourbon; 03. One note slamba; 04. E.T. Phones Home; 05. Millipede; 06. Data has Feelings; 07. Shoe-in; 08. Playboy Pinball Machine; 09. Maelstrom; 10. Fnkzg; 11. Creep Show; 12. Made in China; 13. Watchman, Tell Us of the Night; 14. El cocodrilo Tutti i brani sono improvvisazioni estemporanee


Bill Carrothers: Shine Ball

Read "Shine Ball" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il CD targato Fresh Sound New Talent che non ti aspetti. L'etichetta spagnola ci aveva abituato a produzioni aperte ai linguaggi contemporanei, ma tutto sommato solidamente inserite nella tradizione. Shine Ball è invece un album interamente costituito da improvvisazioni estemporanee. Nulla di scritto, la musica che si sviluppa interamente nel momento. E quindi, ampio spazio ad ...

Shine Ball

Label: Fresh Sound Records
Released: 2005
Track listing: Shine Ball; Bourbon; One Note Slamba; E.T. Phone Home; Millipede; Data Has No Feelings; Shoe-In; Playboy Pinball Machine; Maelstrom; FInkzg; Creep Show; Made in China; Watchman, Tell Us of the Night; El Cocodrilo.


Bill Carrothers: Shine Ball

Read "Shine Ball" reviewed by John Kelman

2005 seems to be pianist Bill Carrothers' year. He's already released I Love Paris (Pirouet), a mainstream look at songs from the 1920's through the 1940s, and Civil War Diaries: Solo Piano (Illusions Music), where he took even greater liberties with American Civil War songs previously covered on The Blues and the Greys (Bridgeboy, 1997). The ...

Shine Ball

Label: Fresh Sounds New Talent
Released: 0


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