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Chicago Underground Trio: Chronicle

Read "Chronicle" reviewed by Seamus Seoighe

The Chicago Underground Trio is more of an idea than a group per se. With albums being put out by an ever-changing group of musicians over the last decade-and-a-half, carrying the torch as the Chicago Underground implies a commitment to pushing boundaries; be it sonic boundaries, or the boundaries that could inhibit a trio creating live ...


Opsvik & Jennings: Commuter Anthems

Read "Commuter Anthems" reviewed by Seamus Seoighe

Eivind Opsvik and Aaron Jennings describe Commuter Anthems as such: “If you've ever wondered what it would sound like if a bassist/tunesmith from Norway teamed up with a guitarist/software enthusiast from Oklahoma to make music--well, this is it. Not so much a spectacle of international diversity, Commuter Anthems delivers itself more as a cohesive blend of ...


Drum & Sax Duos

Read "Drum & Sax Duos" reviewed by Seamus Seoighe

Jeff Marx and Jeff Siegel Dreamstuff Ayler Records 2007 Eddie Prevost and Alan Wilkinson so are we, so are we Matchless Recordings 2006 William Hooker and Sabir Mateen Dharma


Marc Copland: New York Trio Recordings Vol. 1: Modinha

Read "New York Trio Recordings Vol. 1: Modinha" reviewed by Seamus Seoighe

Something that all the great pianists have in common is a mystical understanding of when to drop their fingers to the keys, a perfect consciousness of when to enter and when to exit. If the fingers always fall at precisely the right time, to some extent the actual notes don't even matter. It all swings too ...


Big Bands: William Parker and the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra; UMO Jazz Orchestra; Nublu Jazz Orchestra; Kahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra

Read "Big Bands: William Parker and the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra; UMO Jazz Orchestra; Nublu Jazz Orchestra; Kahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra" reviewed by Seamus Seoighe

For a good 15-year period starting in the '30s, jazz in the incarnation of big band swing enjoyed its heyday at the helm of American pop. Out of this period came some of America's greatest composers, including Duke Ellington and Fletcher Henderson and, being pop music, some of America's schmaltziest, including the band credited with igniting ...


Caramoor Jazz Festival 2007

Read "Caramoor Jazz Festival 2007" reviewed by Seamus Seoighe

Caramoor Jazz Festival 2007 Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts Katonah, New York July 28, August 4, 2007 New York has the most cutting-edge jazz scene in the world. However, it's sometimes nice to catch a show outside the city limits for a change of pace. Caramoor Jazz ...


Biagio Coppa: Anastomosi

Read "Anastomosi" reviewed by Seamus Seoighe

Italian saxophonist and composer Biagio Coppa writes about his project, Anastomosi: “Both the name of this project venture and those of the various pieces in the CD, are jokes that arose from a chance conversation about the meaning of certain terms contained in a medical glossary. But you know however, how serious games can be sometimes ...


Three Piano / Drum Duos: Paul Bley / Kreston Osgood; Jimmy Bennington / David Haney; Heinz Geisser / Guerino Mazzola

Read "Three Piano / Drum Duos: Paul Bley / Kreston Osgood; Jimmy Bennington / David Haney; Heinz Geisser / Guerino Mazzola" reviewed by Seamus Seoighe

Paul Bley/Kresten OsgoodFloridaILK Music2007 Jimmy Bennington/David HaneyOur Dialogues/r2007 Heinz Geisser/Guerino MazzolaLive at AireginAyler2007 The most basic foundation of what makes music interesting ...


Jeff Newell's New-Trad Octet: Brownstone

Read "Brownstone" reviewed by Seamus Seoighe

Brownstone, a type of sandstone that evokes the upper class urban town homes constructed at the turn of the 20th century, is also used to introduce the theme of Jeff Newell's latest release with his New-Trad Octet. An assimilation of marches and hymns dating from after the Civil War up to the early 1900s, “New in ...


Declared Enemy: Salute to 100001 Stars: A Tribute to Jean Genet

Read "Salute to 100001 Stars: A Tribute to Jean Genet" reviewed by Seamus Seoighe

Jean Genet was born the illegitimate child of a prostitute who spent a majority of his youth wandering between the prison systems of Europe for theft, smuggling and male prostitution. As a writer, he was noticed by Jean-Paul Sartre through whom he was able to achieve some popular support, but throughout his life he would remain ...


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