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Seven Secrets

Label: Savoy Jazz
Released: 2017
Track listing: Alabama Rhap Corollary; Mr. Miyake; Dragon's Way; Philly Flash; Molten Grace; Seven Secrets; The Dip; Having Second Thoughts; Some Funky Stuff; Mudhen Blues; Zodiac.


Larry Coryell's 11th House: Seven Secrets

Read "Seven Secrets" reviewed by John Kelman

Time truly is fleeting; just look at the circumstances surrounding the release of Larry Coryell's Seven Secrets, the guitarist's first studio release with his 11th House group in 41 years. The idea for reuniting this seminal '70s fusion group first came in 2015, when the lineup for a previously booked one-week engagement at New ...

Vijay Iyer: Mutations

Read "Vijay Iyer: Mutations" reviewed by John Kelman

There are times when it's possible to chart an artist's success through his association with record labels. Vijay Iyer--who, over the past 20 years, has built a reputation for genre-defying, forward-reaching music--spent the early part of his career on independent US labels including the highly regarded Pi Recordings, Savoy Jazz and Sunnyside Records. But it was ...

Floratone II

Label: Savoy Jazz
Released: 2012
Track listing: The Bloom is On; More Pluck; Snake, Rattle; Parade; Not Over Ever; Move; Do You Have It?; The Time, The Place; No Turn Back; The Time, The Place (Part 2); Gimme Some; Grin and Bite; Stand By This.

Total Eclipse

Label: Savoy Jazz
Released: 2012

Floratone II

Label: Savoy Jazz
Released: 2012

Love, Peace, and Soul

Label: Savoy Jazz
Released: 2012
Track listing: 1. Highway to Heaven; 2. When They've Sung My Last Song; 3. It's My Desire; 4. Sham Time; 5. Consideration; 6. Take My Hand, Precious Lord; 7. Beams of Heaven; 8. Hide Me in Thy Bosom; 9. Himmm; 10. I've Got to Live The Life I Sing About in My Song; 11. Didn't It Rain; 12. When I've Done My Best.


Don Byron New Gospel Quintet: Love, Peace, and Soul

Read "Love, Peace, and Soul" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

È tornato Don Byron: camaleontico, indefinibile, capace come sempre di regalare nuovi significati alla parola “contaminazione," che mai come nel suo caso deve essere instanziata e spiegata. È possibile che da ingredienti più o meno eterogenei come jazz, soul, leider tedeschi, musica classica, klezmer, rock, folk, ragtime, e funk si possa perseguire un percorso artistico-intellettuale in ...


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