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Article: Album Review

Paul Tobey: It's Time

Read "It's Time" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Canadian pianist Paul Tobey was on a fast track in 2004, with his debut release on Arkadia Records garnering a Juno Award nomination (the Canadian Grammy) and an eight-record deal with the label. Enter tendonitis, and severe inflation in his forearms that pushed a promising career way back on the back burner. After a two-decade hiatus, ...


Article: Album Review

Jon Gordon: 7th Ave South

Read "7th Ave South" reviewed by Pierre Giroux

Jon Gordon, an alto and soprano saxophonist, steps into the limelight with his latest release 7th Ave South, a melodic memoir of a transformative place for jazz history in the early 1980s. This journey is a testament to the fascination of discovery and the allure of artistic camaraderie four decades later. In this ten-track outing of ...


Article: Album Review

Brenda Earle Stokes: Motherhood

Read "Motherhood" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Motherhood is a salient subject if ever there was one. Yet few jazz musicians ever touch on it in their work, never mind dedicating an entire record to the topic. The real or keenly felt need to keep up with the Joneses in a musical atmosphere that typically applauds and promotes standard bearers, hyper-masculine happenings, politically ...


Article: Album Review

Daniel Janke Winter Trio: Available Light

Read "Available Light" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Canadian pianist Daniel Janke calls the trio responsible for his Available Light the Winter Trio. The leader manages piano duties, accompanied by bassist Basile Racola and drummer Ariel Tessier. The inspiration for the name was Janke's home base, Whitehorse, Yukon, a city of thirty thousand hearty souls at sixty degrees north latitude, in the rain shadow ...


Article: Album Review

Disaster Pony: Disaster Pony

Read "Disaster Pony" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Disaster Pony, the eponymous debut from the trio composed of Gordon Hyland, Adam Hindle and Ian Docherty, transcends the confines of a typical musical album to become a tempestuous jazz endeavor that finds itself amidst an electronic dance music (EDM) celebration. Envision a saxophone endowed with autonomy, weaving through electronic rhythms while adorned in a distinctive ...


Article: Album Review

Will Regnier: Traces

Read "Traces" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Montreal-based drummer & composer Will Regnier's recording debut, Traces, paints an atmospheric soundscape. It could be a score for a science fiction Western movie, the accompaniment for scenes of a rider under an alien lavender sky, his mount a sturdy quadruped species, neither equine nor bovine, but something different. Low vegetation rises in prickly clumps in ...


Article: Album Review

Andrew Rathbun: The Speed Of Time

Read "The Speed Of Time" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Not one to avoid concepts and ambitious outings, Andrew Rathbun's to-date masterpiece, The Atwood Suites (Origin Records, 2018), explored the poetry of his countrywoman, writer Margaret Atwood. In 2023, he tackles time. Time is a funny thing. Its perceived speed is malleable. It tends toward an increasing velocity as one moves into middle age ...


Article: Album Review

Philippe Cote / Francois Bourassa: Confluence

Read "Confluence" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Confluence, on its surface, may come off as a minor work of art. It is the juxtaposition of just two instruments--saxophone and piano--braiding sounds together in what seems an improvisational mode. Francois Bourassa stays in the piano chair. Philippe Cote's seating arrangement shifts between tenor and soprano saxophones, piano and prepared piano. But the limitation of ...


Article: Jazz Raconteurs

Allison Au's Migration Project: Transition, Trauma, and Transcendence

Read "Allison Au's Migration Project: Transition, Trauma, and Transcendence" reviewed by Dave Kaufman

"Human beings are both fixed and wandering, settlers and nomads. Our history is the story of the nomad giving way to the settler but when people are unsettled, they have to migrate." (Ruth Padel, On Migration, 2013) Human migration has exerted a profound and far-reaching influence on the evolution of our civilization and the ...


Article: Album Review

Teri Parker: Shaping the Invisible

Read "Shaping the Invisible" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Here is how to take an artistic vision to the next level: Find a room with a lock on the door. Step inside. Engage the lock. Examine the work of those who came before you. Then begin the process of your own creativity. This worked for pianist/composer Parker--so says her sophomore recording, Shaping The ...


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