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Gail Ford

Happened on playing jazz oboe by accident, and now play & write original music, and arrange covers; everything from Yusuf Lateef to Diana Krall, Greg Lake and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Play in concert & wind bands, and in solo gigs. Extending the oboe's sound and language to add new colours to other styles - a new market for new audiences. On the hunt for a compatible/ sympathetic and generally on my wavelength piano/keys player, drummer & string bass player to form a jazz oboe quartet. After all, the market's not exactly saturated with them.......


Eddy Rollin

Edward Rollin Oboist multi-instrumentalist instrument inventor has been performing improvisational music since the 1960’s. Although Mr. Rollin is classically trained, having studied with some of the greatest oboists of this era, Lucarelli, Mack, Lifschey, Douvas, Gomberg, Gillet etc. Mr. Rollin’s calling has been improvisation. For many years he has performed playing Oboe, English horn, Oboe d’Amore, ethnic double reeds (Shennai, Mizmah) invented instruments (Twanger, Angel Harp, Goofy Horn, Giraffe Horn etc.), saxophone, electric bass, and vocals around town since 1980. In the 1980’s to the present Mr


Esther Viola

As a teenager, oboist Esther Viola (Boston, 1976) toured Europe and South America with youth orchestras, playing in Vienna, Budapest, Chile and Brazil. After receiving her Bachelor of Music with Distinction from the Eastman School of Music (Rochester, New York) in 1998, studying with Richard Kilmer, she went to Holland to study with Ernest Rombout at the Utrecht Conservatory. She received a Fulbright Full Grant in support of her studies there. As a student she joined the street-performance group Ricciotti Ensemble and toured with the Dutch Student Orchestra and the National Youth Orchestra. In 2003 she graduated cum laude with a Master of Music focused on contemporary solo and chamber music repertoire and performance. In the Netherlands Esther specialized in playing newly composed music, working closely with composers and commissioning works from them


Matthew Dripper

Hello I'm a student in Budapest and i play the tenor saxophone. Anybody who want ask something please send me a letter to my e-mail.


Emmanuelle Somer

Emmanuelle SOMER oboe, English horn, Bb, Eb and bass clarinets, soprano and tenor saxophones; sound ingenieur, composition, film music Emmanuelle Somer is born January 5, 1972 in Brussels, with French and Dutch citizenships. She graduated from the European School, speaking French, English, Dutch and German fluently. As a teenager, she played piano, recorder, oboe, saxophone and drums. She studied with Paul Dombrecht at Brussels Koninklijk Conservatorium, where she got degrees in oboe, English horn, solfege and chamber music. She also studied free improvisation with Fabrizio Cassol (Aka Moon), Michel Massot (Tous Dehors) and Garret List

E.L. Mahon

Raised on cornbread, greens and fried chicken, this country boy has come full circle. Fargo, Arkansas is home but now he calls Colorado his ‘back home’ spot. After living in Hawaii “again” from 1999 to 2003, and basically calling it quits with his music career, he began writing again in 2003 thanks in part to a birthday party early that year in Hawaii at the home of one of his long time friends and musician buddies. The focus now is on his own genre of music appropriately named, “NueVision Jazz”. Classically trained on oboe and credited with being one of the youngest members of The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra at the age of 13, E.L


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