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Almost Human

Label: Morvin Records
Released: 2012
Track listing: Hurdles in Three; A Serious Lack of Humour; A Stroll for Gonso; Dinner is Served; Not Yet; Most Def!; Hang Glider; Mooing Around; Two Guys and Beer; Hop On, Hop Off.


Talking Cows: Almost Human

Read "Almost Human" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Talking Cows may be the world's only bovine-themed jazz group. Titles of previous CDs include Bovinity (Morvin Records, 2006) and Dairy tales (Morvin Records, 2009). Almost Human indicates a move further in the primate direction. But where a true bovine creature may have an aspect of the ruminative in its nature, the Talking Cows does not. ...


Talking Cows: Almost Human

Read "Almost Human" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

If there is anything better than the off-the-wall humor of the video promo that preceded this Talking Cows album, it is the actual album itself. Yet much more than the humor of it all is the spectacular seriousness of the music: deadly serious, and for those familiar with the high standards of music (and humor) in ...

Dairy Tales

Label: Morvin Records
Released: 2009
Track listing: Ruminating; The Virus; For Dewey; Hellaluiah!; Cow


Talking Cows: Dairy Tales

Read "Dairy Tales" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

When a jazz ensemble calls itself Talking Cows, the temptation to make comments about its moo-sic or its horn section is almost too great. But the temptation should be resisted, because this particular group brings much more to the contemporary jazz scene than an opportunity for cheap puns. This Dutch quartet's second CD--the follow-up to Bovinity ...

Dairy Tales

Label: Morvin Records
Released: 2008

Coming About

Label: Morvin Records
Released: 2007


Label: Morvin Records
Released: 2000

Ciao Bella

Label: Morvin Records
Released: 1995


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