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Sky Road Songs

Label: MC Records
Released: 2012
Track listing: 1. Outward (Sharp); 2. Endless Path (Morris - Sharp); 3. Down on the Block (Sharp); 4. Dangerous Lands (Sharp); 5. Banking Blues (Mardin); 6. This House Is for Sale (Mingus - Sharp); 7. Fade to Noir (Morris - Sharp, Mardin); 8. Off the Hook (Sharp); 9. Off My Mind (Mingus - Sharp); 10. I Blame You (Morris - Sharp); 11. The Common Extreme (Morris - Sharp); 12. Sky Road Song (Sharp); 13. Inward (Sharp); 14. (Still Got The) Banking Blues (Mardin).


Elliott Sharp's Terraplane: Sky Road Songs

Read "Sky Road Songs" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Per chi ama il blues, questa nuova avventura di Elliott Sharp e dei suoi Terraplane è un sontuoso banchetto di delizie a cui unirsi immediatamente, senza un attimo di esitazione. Non solo perchè i compagni di viaggio si chiamano Hubert Sumlin, leggendario chitarrista sideman di Muddy Waters e Howlin' Wolf (a cui è dedicato, tra l'altro, ...

The Jazz Guitar Of Mark Capon

Label: MC Records
Released: 2004
Track listing: 1. Cherokee 2. Broadway 3. I'm Glad There Is You 4. Angel Eyes 5. Just Squeeze Me 6. Cute 7. Li'l Darlin' 8. Love Letters 9. If You Could See Me Now 10. Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me 11. When I Fall In Love 12. Have You Met Miss Jones? 13. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most


Mark Capon: The Jazz Guitar Of Mark Capon

Read "The Jazz Guitar Of Mark Capon" reviewed by Ken Hohman

This record really snuck up on me. One moment you’re casually listening to The Jazz Guitar Of Mark Capon and the next you’re wondering, “Who the hell is this cat?” A New York City based guitarist, Capon offers the kind of playing that is so effortless it makes guitarists struggling with their craft want to give ...


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