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Kevin Hays Trio: You've Got a Friend

Read "You've Got a Friend" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Quattro brani del repertorio pop ed altrettanti standard del jazz per un disco informe, che strizza l'occhio sia al grande pubblico che a chi ama il jazz, finendo con lo scontentare entrambi. Un percorso illuminante per giudicare la cifra stilistica irrisolta del pianista statunitense, bravo ma incapace di dare una svolta significativa alla sua carriera di ...


Kevin Hays Trio: For Heaven's Sake

Read "For Heaven's Sake" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Al suo primo disco per la nuova etichetta palermitana Jazz Eyes, la cui comparsa sulla scena salutiamo con favore, il trentottenne pianista statunitense Kevin Hays, già collaboratore di Sonny Rollins e John Scofield, presenta un classico lavoro per trio piano-contrabbasso-batteria, tutto incentrato su rielaborazioni di standard. L'inevitabile confronto con lo Standard Trio di Keith Jarrett è ...


Kevin Hays Trio: For Heaven's Sake

Read "For Heaven's Sake" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Kevin Hays opens For Heaven's Sake with a bit of solo piano: an introspective, reverent-sounding, church-like interlude. Then bassist Doug Weiss and drummer Bill Stewart slip into the sound and the trio winds into tenor saxophone great Sonny Rollins' “Sonny Moon for Two," cranking up the intensity/extroversion factor for five minutes, and Weiss takes a solo ...


Kevin Hays Trio: What Survives

Read "What Survives" reviewed by John Kelman

Like trumpeter Tim Hagans, whose recent release Beautiful Lily represents a welcome return to recording as a leader, pianist Kevin Hays is back with three records in the space of one year, following a seven-year break. Piano Works III: Open Range (ACT, 2005) is a solo effort, while his forthcoming ArtistShare disc features his longstanding trio ...


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