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Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2019

Read "Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2019" reviewed by John Kelman

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal Various Venues Montréal, Canada June 27 -July 1, 2019 Forty years. Not a lifetime, perhaps, but a remarkably long time for any festival to not only continue to exist but, despite increasing challenges, to thrive. An even greater achievement when it's the Festival International de ...


Maciej Lewenstein: Quantum Mechanics of Polish Jazz

Read "Maciej Lewenstein: Quantum Mechanics of Polish Jazz" reviewed by Cezary L. Lerski

Maciej Lewenstein was born in 1955 in Warsaw. He is a theoretical physicist and currently an ICREA professor at Institut de Ciències Fotòniques (ICFO) in Castelldefels near jny: Barcelona, Spain. He has written more than 500 scientific papers and is the recipient of many international and national prizes. Next to theoretical physics his other passion is ...

Being Dufay

Label: ECM Records
Released: 2010
Track listing: 01. Ma belle dame souveraine - 5:29; 02. Je me complains - 6:22; 03. Being Dufay - 12:21; 04. Je vous pri - 7:48; 05. Presque quelque chose - 2:30; 06. Sanctus - 8:34; 07. La dolce vista - 6:24. Composizioni di Ambrose Field basate su frammenti vocali di Guillaume Dufay.


Ambrose Field - John Potter: Being Dufay

Read "Being Dufay" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Gli incontri improbabili (almeno sulla carta) tra musiche e musicisti apparentemente distantissimi tra loro sono da sempre una scommessa personale, quasi sempre vinta, di Manfred Eicher e delle sue produzioni per la ECM. Basti pensare a quello che forse è il suo maggior successo personale, l'album Officium in cui il sax tenore di Jan Garbarek improvvisava ...


Label: ECM Records
Released: 2008
Track listing: 01. Got schepfer aller dingen; 02. Veris dulcis; 03. Pulcherrima rosa; 04. Ora pro nobis; 05. Lá lume; 06. Dulce solum, 07. Der oben swebt; 08. O beata infantia (fragment); 09. O Rosa; 10. Saudade; 11. In flagellis; 12. Kyrie Jesus autem transiens; 13. O beata infantia; 14. Credo Laudate dominum; 15. Ein gut Preambel (vihuela solo); 16. Sanctus; 17. Tu solus qui facis. Ein iberisch Postambel

The Dowland Project - John Potter: Romaria

Read "Romaria" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

John Potter (ex Hilliard Ensemble) è un tenore la cui voce è ben nota a chi frequenta le incisioni dell’ECM. Romaria è oramani il terzo album, dopo In Darkness Let Me Dwell e Care-Charming Sleep, del suo Dowland project. Per l’occasione espande il repertorio, esplorando diciassette canzoni d’amore, canti e mottetti, scritti dal XII secolo ad ...


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