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Joanna Davies

Which two letters get you from 'rock' to 'rocket'? Easy: J and O. Joanna Davies is the rhythmic foundation of FiddleBop, the rock on which we're built. She is the band's powerhouse, our very own rhythmic rocket. Her nylon-string acoustic rhythm guitar playing brings more than a dash of fiery flamenco duende to FiddleBop's sound! And Jo sings too, both solo and in harmony. Joanna Virginia Fernley Davies — that's her full name — has enjoyed listening to jazz for as long as she can remember. She used to go with her father to hear live jazz at Chipping Norton Theatre on Sunday lunchtimes; later, Jo became a regular listener at Banbury Jazz Club (at the Moat House Hotel, who remembers it then?). But as a music maker, Jo is from a mainly folk background


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