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Reeds&Drums: Brö-D & Animal Grace

Read "Reeds&Drums: Brö-D & Animal Grace" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Peter Brotzmann & Hamid Drake Brö-D Bro 2010 Kali. Z. Fasteau Animal Grace Flying Fish 2010 Does Peter Brötzmann ever give a performance that isn't ...


Anthony Braxton: Creative Orchestra (Koln) 1978

Read "Creative Orchestra (Koln) 1978" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Jazz is often viewed as a progressive art form, one that by its very nature is constantly changing and reinventing itself. The paradox is that change isn't always what the audience wants to hear, so it frequently takes awhile simply to catch up. Such seems to be the case with the music of Anthony Braxton, one ...


Art Pepper: Unreleased Art Volume 4: The Art History Project

Read "Unreleased Art Volume 4: The Art History Project" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

In her liner notes to Volume IV of the Art History Project, Art Pepper's widow describes him as a self-hating, alcoholic sex addict who turned to heroin in order to suppress these tendencies. Second only to Charlie Parker in the DownBeat polls of the day, nobody played alto saxophone as smooth and cool as Art Pepper. ...

Fred Anderson: Birthday Live 2000 and 21st Century Chase

Read "Fred Anderson: Birthday Live 2000 and 21st Century Chase" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Fred Anderson Trio Birthday Live 2000 Asian Improv 2009 Fred Anderson 21st Century Chase Delmark 2009 Of all the players who have come through Fred ...

Free Jazz Saxophone: Daniel Carter/ Paul Flaherty and Sabir Mateen

Read "Free Jazz Saxophone: Daniel Carter/ Paul Flaherty and Sabir Mateen" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Daniel Carter / Paul Flaherty / Randall Colbourne A Flash in the Sky Glass Museum 2010 Sabir Mateen Urdla XXX Rogueart 2010 Daniel Carter and ...


Live In Montreux 1996

Read "Live In Montreux 1996" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Wayne ShorterLive at Montreux 1996 Eagle Eye Media2009 Wayne Shorter may look 20 years younger than 76, but he is quite simply one of the last giants, every bit as influential and artistically significant as Sonny Rollins, perhaps second only to John Coltrane when one considers ...


Tony Malaby: Voladores, Houria

Read "Tony Malaby: Voladores, Houria" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Tony Malaby's Apparitions Voladores Clean Feed 2009 Stephane Kerecki Trio with Tony Malaby Houria Zig Zag Territoires 2009 Since arriving in NYC about 15 years ago,Tony Malaby, ...


Nicole Mitchell: Renegades, Anaya, Collective Creativity

Read "Nicole Mitchell: Renegades, Anaya, Collective Creativity" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Nicple Mitchell's Black Earth Strings Renegades Delmark 2009 Indigo Trio Anaya Rogue Art 2009 Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Collective Creativity 3 Sixteen Records 2009


Mike Reed's People, Places & Things: About Us

Read "About Us" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Mike Reed's People, Places & Things was conceived as a band dedicated to reviving and expanding on aspects of the Chicago jazz scene of the late 1950s, bringing a fresh approach and contemporary ideas to the music of that era. About Us continues in that vein, but as the title states, its focus is more on ...


Rob Brown Trio: Live at Firehouse 12

Read "Live at Firehouse 12" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Alto saxophonist Rob Brown has the lean physique and worried forehead of a typical free jazz improviser, but through his associations with the leading forces of the downtown scene (including Matthew Shipp and, most fruitfully, William Parker) he has positioned himself as an in-demand sideman as well as a creative and ear-catching leader. He has been ...


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