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Douwe Eisenga: Poetry of a City

Read "Poetry of a City" reviewed by James Fleming

Poetry of a City begins with the gentle, rolling arpeggios of “Have I Not Tried." Douwe Eisenga's triplets stretch the tension in the chord out across the beat. The melody is played in double stops to add weight to the rhythm's swing. A violin enters, far below the piano, drawing out long, mournful notes. The chord ...


Article: Album Review

Douwe Eisenga: The Border

Read "The Border" reviewed by James Fleming

The brass section on The Border's opening track, “At The Coast," tolls like a foghorn through its two-note riff, pauses, then returns, pierced this time by a synthesizer's shimmering. Douwe Eisenga's piano does not make an appearance until the second track, “Encounter." He rolls through an arpeggio, changing just one note every bar to transform the ...


Article: Album Review

Douwe Eisenga: Open

Read "Open" reviewed by James Fleming

Douwe Eisenga's riffs cycle around slight, subtle variations, echoing through the space of the studio. His right hand on “Left Out I," the opening piece, explores the possibilities his left hand opens up for it: two riffs on the left; chiming melodies on the right. “Bruno" feels like it has always been here, moving along a ...


Article: Album Review

Hey Exit: Arm's Reach (Else 3)

Read "Arm's Reach (Else 3)" reviewed by James Fleming

Writers have been creating worlds for centuries. J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen King, H.P Lovecraft, they all shaped worlds and mythologies and civilisations out of words. Few musicians, however, have created new worlds out of their music. Kraftwerk's albums and aesthetics form a unique world of Pop Art, industrialism, rhythms and electricity. But it's a world rooted in ...


Article: Album Review

Douwe Eisenga: For Mattia

Read "For Mattia" reviewed by James Fleming

The music on Douwe Eisenga's For Mattia flows like a ballet dancer's movements. Its nine songs, all solo piano compositions, glitter with a lyricism many vocalists cannot manage. As if Eisenga is playing with light as well as melody. Weaving the two about each other like threads of sound and aether. This is a ...


Article: Live Review

Aengus Hackett Quartet Plays The Music of Cole Porter at Black Gate Cultural Centre

Read "Aengus Hackett Quartet  Plays The Music of Cole Porter at Black Gate Cultural Centre" reviewed by James Fleming

Aengus Hackett Quartet Black Gate Cultural Centre The Music Of Cole Porter Galway, Ireland May 25, 2019 The quartet stood in a line: saxophonist/clarinetist, guitarist, double bassist, then drummer. Their music packed the Black Gate Cultural Centre's basement venue as candle flames danced shadows across its low walls. Matthew ...


Article: Album Review

Baiju Bhatt: Eastern Sonata

Read "Eastern Sonata" reviewed by James Fleming

Every day more emigrants leave their homelands. And as they travel their musics shadow them. The songs follow the singers into their new homes and, just as the people learn the language, the tunes adopt the new country's phrases. Adding its musics to the sonic lexicons of their native countries. So that new songs will be ...


Article: Catching Up With

Shy Mascot: The Changing Face Of Ireland

Read "Shy Mascot: The Changing Face Of Ireland" reviewed by James Fleming

The bar is lit by dim neon bulbs. And the grey daylight streaming in from outside barely puts up a fight against their sickly colours. Shy Mascot sit at the back-four of their five members around two small tables tucked into a nook. The band's rapper, Jamel, is hunched over his knees on the left and ...


Article: Album Review

Reto Anneler: Stille Post

Read "Stille Post" reviewed by James Fleming

Stille Post is a record as spacious as a solar system. Reto Anneler's alto and Cristoph Grab's tenor move around the rhythm section like planets orbiting a distant sun. And when the two horns align, the music glows with the red light of an eclipse, shining down on the spare basslines and pointed drumming of Claudio ...


Article: Live Review

Galway Jazz Festival 2018: Day 2

Read "Galway Jazz Festival 2018: Day 2" reviewed by James Fleming

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4Various Venues Galway Jazz Festival Galway, Ireland October 5, 2018 Thursday night's curtain rose on a brighter day, and a breeze blew gently down Galway's streets carrying the smell of the city on its back: petrol, coffee, sea-salt, cigarettes. ...


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