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Meet Jacob Cartwright

Read "Meet Jacob Cartwright" reviewed by Tessa Souter and Andrea Wolper

Our August Super Fan is a visual artist with a special affinity for improvisational music, which has spilled over into his jazz-themed painting series. In jazz, as in art, Jacob Cartwright values the past while embracing the forward momentum of the new. Plus he's really “down with the jazz cats"--read on to see what we mean! ...


Matthew Shipp: Shipp Shape

Read "Matthew Shipp: Shipp Shape" reviewed by Chris Rich

Pianist Matthew Shipp is very keenly attuned to the details and nuances of what has to be the most forlorn and anemic environment imaginable for anything a sensible person would call business. Think of it as the sort of business ecosystem that resembles the least habitable places on earth, say a fumarole at the bottom of ...


Label: Issue Project Room
Released: 2006
Track listing: 01. Vinheta Quebrante - 0:53; 02. Lenda - 4:19; 03. Malemolência - 2:54; 04. Roda - 5:18; 05. Rainha - 3:39; 06. 10 Contados - 3:27; 07. Vinheta Dorival - 0:31; 08. Mais Um Lamento - 4:48; 09. Concrete Jungle - 3:32; 10. Véu Da Noite - 6:17; 11. Valsa Pra Biu Roque - 2:49; 12. Ave Cruz - 3:27; 13. O Ronco Da Cu�-ca - 3:23; 14. Bobagem - 2:19; 15. Samba Na Sola - 3:07; 16. Nacao Postal - 3:28; 17. Traccia Video: Rainha - 7:11


Céu: CéU

Read "CéU" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

"CéU" significa cielo, anche se la maliziosa grafia fa pensare a un benaugurante 'ci vediamo'. Questo primo album della giovane cantante paulista la posiziona a metà strada fra Marisa Monte e Cibelle, meno raffinata di quest'ultima, ma capace di quelle piccole magie vocali che caratterizzano l'arte delle due colleghe già affermate. CéU scrive quasi tutti i ...


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