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Ralph Hepola

Ralph Hepola was born into a Scandinavian-American family in Saint Paul, Minnesota in the United States where his early eclectic musical interests led to piano study before starting on the tuba at age twelve. At seventeen, he was chosen to play before the British Royal Family in the Manitoba All-Province Band at Brandon University in Manitoba, Canada. While still in high school, Ralph began performing as an extra musician with the Minnesota Orchestra, which later included recordings, and tours to Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York City. While still a teenager, Ralph won a position with The United States Army Band of Washington, D.C


Label: Spectrum Recordings CD 190101
Released: 2002
Track listing: 1) Minuet – Johann Sebastian Bach; 2) le cirque nouveau (the new circus) - Ralph Hepola; 3) You Leave Me Breathless - Frederick Hollander, Ralph Freed, 1938; 4) Somethin's Slippin' - Ralph Hepola; 5) la Samba de Quintas (the Samba of Fifths) - Ralph Hepola; 6) Money - Roger Waters / Pink Floyd


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