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Midnight Mood

Label: JJ-Tracks
Released: 1998


George Howard: Midnight Mood

Read "Midnight Mood" reviewed by Robert Spencer

Is it jazz? Is it art? Is jazz art? Does it matter? Friends, we have here a sweet album by a more-than-competent soprano saxophonist, a bunch of computer programmers, and a few instrumentalists and background singers. George Howard was one of the originators of smooth, glossy jazz / funk, and he remains one of the masters ...

The Very Best And Then Some

Label: JJ-Tracks
Released: 1997

Attitude Adjustment

Label: JJ-Tracks
Released: 1996

When Summer Comes

Label: JJ-Tracks
Released: 1993

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind

Label: JJ-Tracks
Released: 1992

Baby Come To Me

Label: JJ-Tracks
Released: 1991

Love And Understanding

Label: JJ-Tracks
Released: 1991


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