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For The Moment

Label: MCG Jazz
Released: 2012
Track listing: Aha; Um Filme; Irrequieto; For All We Know; Berimbau; For The Moment; Redife; Corcovado; Ouro Preto.


Bob Mintzer Big Band: For The Moment

Read "For The Moment" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Musicians can consider themselves lucky if they find success in one particular area, but there are a select few that seem to flourish in every music-related environment that they encounter. Bob Mintzer is part of this elite list; his versatility is his greatest virtue but, while he's a world class saxophonist and educator, his legacy will ...

For the Moment

Released: 2007
Track listing: 1. Warsaw; 2. Too Low; 3. Bartoki; 4. Serendipity; 5. Sit Down; 6. Good-Bye for Jetzt; 7. Dukovinia; 8. For the Moment; 9. Pure as a Teardrop Tutti i brani sono di Paul Brody


Paul Brody's Sadawi: For the Moment

Read "For the Moment" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tutti i grandi musicisti creano emulazione, correnti stilistiche, determinano il modo di suonare di una certa epoca. Ci sono pianisti “jarrettiani”, sassofonisti “coltraniani” ... il mondo del jazz è pieno di casi come questi. Dave Douglas è ormai sulla breccia da parecchi anni, ed è dunque naturale, fisiologico, che comincino ad emergere trombettisti “douglasiani”. E' questo ...

For the Moment

Label: OA2 Records
Released: 2003
Track listing: 1. Parati 4:29 (M. de Carvalho) 2. Fim De Ano 3:04 (M. de Carvalho) 3. Laid Back 3:25 (M. de Carvalho) 4. J? 5:39 (M. de Carvalho) 5. O Retorno Das ?guas 4:17 (M. de Carvalho) 6. Where Do I Go? 3:30 (M. de Carvalho) 7. Out on The Street 3:54 (M. de Carvalho) 8. Certeza 3:27 (M. de Carvalho) 9. Mallets 4:42 (M. de Carvalho) 10. Segredos 3:03 (M. de Carvalho) 11. Follow The Feeling 5:49 (M. de Carvalho) 12. Presente 5:09 (M. de Carvalho) 13. For The Moment 5:48 (M. de Carvalho) 14. Crian?a Nova 4:05 (M. de Carvalho) 15. Novela 3:54 (M. de Carvalho) 16. No Past Tense 3:00 (M. de Carvalho) 17. Prelude IV 0:37 (M. Ponce)


Marco de Carvalho: For the Moment

Read "For the Moment" reviewed by Javier AQ Ortiz

Quick and to the Point: An hour-plus chilled Brazilian jazz affair. Brazilian guitarist Marco de Carvalho lays back on For the Moment, where he dwells almost exclusively in mounting relaxed grooves suffused with the endemic melodic tropical sensuousness so characteristic of his native country. Carvalho's slow and mid tempo compositions rely on the sweetness of guitar ...

For The Moment

Label: 143 Records
Released: 1990


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