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Label: Double Moon Records
Released: 2018
Track listing: Berlin is Full of Lonely People; Hava; Intro; Berlin is Full of Happy People; MIFIDA; ACIS; Serane; Ciemnogrod; Odense.

Running Man

Label: Double Moon Records
Released: 2018
Track listing: Brechstang; Running Man; First Song; Speeed of Sound; Wicked Game; Urbi et Orbit; The Slope; It'll be fine; Vintage Babe


Thomas Kolarczyk Ensemble: Halbtraume

Read "Halbtraume" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Germany-based Double Moon Records' long-running series, “JazzThing: The Next Generation" places a spotlight on young European talent attempting to break into the modern jazz rank and file. Indeed, there have been some gems in this series of albums. Here, bassist Thomas Kolarczyk's Ensemble, comprised of German and Polish jazz artists, marks the 72nd volume, and is ...

Bailey’s Bundle – El Dudas – Some Great Songs, Volumes 1 & 2

Read "Bailey’s Bundle – El Dudas – Some Great Songs, Volumes 1 & 2" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Hungarian clarinetist Lajos Dudas “El Dudas" has been a reeds fixture in Europe since the early 1980s. He is equally capable of performing rock, jazz, shythm & blues, and classical music. In 1998, Dudas released a standards recording called Some Great Songs. He then took his precious time creating his Volume 2 early in 2017. Here ...


Label: Double Moon Records
Released: 2015
Track listing: Hope; Draco Rexus; Wanderlust; Desired Constellation; Frejya; My Juvenile; The Dull Flame Of Desire; Godhi; I See Who You Are; Alugsukat; Hulda Folk; Ostara.

Edle Einfalt

Label: Double Moon Records
Released: 2015
Track listing: Kanto; Drumherum; Dente caduto; Elf; Milbe; Árpád Jean-Gaspard Dschingis; Comme les chiens; Kneipe; Anatol; Edle Einfalt; Drachengedankenkampf; Ninna nanna; Nur; Kommod; Domino; Tänzchen.


Tré: Edle Einfalt

Read "Edle Einfalt" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Trio dalle geometrie inusuali ma non per questo inaudite (pensiamo solo a un ipotetico, assolutamente realistico, Giuffre/Brookmeyer/Manne, le cui temperature fanno del resto capolino in episodi quali “Drachengedankenkampf," “Ninna nanna," per certi versi anche “Domino"), il tedesco Tré poggia le proprie fondamenta sulle larghe volute disegnate dal trombone di Thomas Lüthi, non fosse altro che per ...


Karl Latham / Ryan Carniaux / Mark Egan: Constellations

Read "Constellations" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

If you happened to be in vitro fed Isao Tomita during your pre-personage, you're going to recognise Karl Latham's Constellations electronica subliminally--regardless any jazz/Bjork connections. 70's Japanese synth/horn, space music trembling has that tendency to unhinge a certain primeval magic. Space music in the 21st Century has less artefacts than the 70s first steppers, and more ...


Label: Double Moon Records
Released: 2013


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