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Label: MoonJune Records
Released: 2018
Track listing: Double Down; Equal Minds; Sizzurp; Playing Chess With Barney Rubble; The Self Licking Ice-cream Cone; Plutocracy; Agent Orange; Emmetropia; Odin's Wig.


Dominique Vantomme: Vegir

Read "Vegir" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Belgian keyboardist/composer/producer Dominique Vantomme leads a razor-sharp quartet through a spontaneous treatment of a set of musical sketches. He is joined by guitarist Michel Delville, a fellow Belgian known for progressive projects such as The Wrong Object and Machine Mass; legendary electric bassist/Chapman Stick player Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Stick Men); and Belgian drummer ...


Leonardo Pavkovic: Nothing is Ordinary

Read "Leonardo Pavkovic: Nothing is Ordinary" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

More than any other person, Leonardo Pavkovic has made me write some crazy shit. Pavkovic is the primal force behind the joyously eclectic MoonJune Records, which he established in 2001. “Established" may not be the right word: “I am truly an unusual and rules breaking call-it-record-company with a 'label' identity despite the fact that ...

Walk into the Skyline

Released: 2009
Track listing: 01. Free your mind (Mahieu); 02. Pubic Happiness (Vantomme); 03. Here's to Life (Butler-Molinary); 04. Code of the Blues Hippo (Vantomme); 05. Berlin (Vantomme); 06. Ithaca (Vantomme); 07. Beyond explicit (Mahieu-Vantomme-Lauscher-Roelofs); 08. Close to my heart (Mahieu).


Mahieu-Vantomme Quartet: Walk into the Skyline

Read "Walk into the Skyline" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Allievo di Frank Vaganèe, deus ex machina della Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Mahieu è la punta di diamante del quartetto in esame. Al suo attivo dieci anni di attività concertistica e tre CD, che consentono al pubblico europeo di toccare con mano l'estrema vitalità del jazz fiammingo. Un movimento molto dinamico, sostenuto coraggiosamente dal centro culturale ed ...


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