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David Friesen

Anyone acquainted with David Friesen's exceptional music quickly thinks of his creative universe. Ocean-deep in his sensitivity to the human spirit, Friesen is compassionate and his music founded on integrity and the pursuit of excellence. He began playing the ukulele and the accordion at 10, and a guitar professionally at 16. Born in Tacoma, Washington May 6, 1942, he was raised in Seattle. Friesen's first exposure to jazz was Slim Gaillard in an L.A. club when he was underage and playing guitar. At 19, while stationed with the U.S. Army in Paris, he sat in with George Arvanitas, Johnny Griffin and Art Taylor


Label: Origin Records
Released: 2019
Track listing: DISC ONE 1. Neves 4:02 2. Cross Fire 3:58 3. Sequence 7:03 4. Flight of the Angels 4:12 5. New Tune Blue 3:50 6. Exclusively Yours 5:34 7. 1969 Rolls Royce 4:20 8. In House 4:34 9. Interaction 4:54 10. Soft as Silk 6:06 11. Skip Trip 4:51 12. No Dollars, No Cents 4:29 13. Evening Spring 3:11 DISC TWO 1. Song For Tristan 5:03 2. Flight of the Angels 3:53 3. Skip Trip 8:39 4. Going Forth 5:42 5. At Last, At Rest 7:05 6. Off Center 6:23 7. Distant Shores 4:36 8. Basic Strategy 7:01 9. My Faith, My Life 3:34


Denny Zeitlin: Balancing Act

Read "Denny Zeitlin:  Balancing Act" reviewed by Ken Dryden

Denny Zeitlin is a true Renaissance man with many interests, in addition to balancing his careers in medicine and music. Although his medical practice and teaching have limited his abilities to tour beyond brief trips east or playing near his home in California, he has recorded regularly in recent years, releasing a variety of projects for ...

My Faith, My Life

Label: Origin Records
Released: 2018
Track listing: CD ONE: 1. Ancient Kings 3:34 2. Another Anthem 2:43 3. Children of the Kingdom 3:18 4. Roof Tops 4:23 5. Color Pool 1:37 6. Long Trip Home 3:55 7. Sitka in the Woods 3:54 8. Martin's Balcony 3:01 9. Prelude 2:10 10. Sons and Daughters 1:06 11. Islands 4:16 12. Flight of the Angels 3:34 13. Lament For the Lost/Procession 8:24 CD TWO: 1. Sequence 2:44 2. A Light Shining Through 3:40 3. Araya 3:22 4. Still Waters 2:26 5. Resurgence 3:13 6. Right From Wrong 2:23 7. Another Time, Another Place 4:52 8. Playground 2:44 9. 1969 Rolls Royce 2:10 10. Perseverance 4:35 11. New Hope 2:25 12. Song For Ben 3:25 13. Only Just Yesterday 2:18 14. Evening Spring 3:29 15. Time Changes 3:31 16. My Faith, My Life 3:49


2018 Ballard Jazz Festival in Seattle

2018 Ballard Jazz Festival in Seattle

The Ballard Jazz Festival returns with its 16th edition, May 16-19, in Seattle's historic Ballard neighborhood. Clarence Penn & Penn Station, a New York ensemble that includes pianist Geoffrey Keezer, saxophonist Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, and bassist Yasushi Nakamura, will headline the festival's Mainstage Concert. Swedish trumpeter Oskar Stenmark will open the concert, which in turn celebrates the ...


Label: Origin Records
Released: 2017
Track listing: DISC ONE: 1. Wrinkle 4:41 2. Basic Strategy 4:56 3. Brilliant Heart* 5:11 4. Martin's balcony 2:56 5. Left Field Blues 3:26 6. New Hope* 3:41 7. Roof Tops 4:45 8. Seam Line 6:11 9. Going Forth* 6:14 10. Lament for the Lost/Procession 8:16 DISC TWO: 1. Make Believe 4:12 2. New Hope 4:16 3. Romantic 3:45 4. Quietly Unfolding 4:18 5. Alaskan Waters 4:25 6. Undisclosed 5:20 7. At Last, At Rest 4:05 8. Passage 3:58 9. My Faith, My Life 4:07

Triple Exposure

Label: Origin Records
Released: 2016
Track listing: Whetstone; Turn In The Road; Bright Light Sky; Rainbow Song; Side Step, Another TIme, Another Place; Right From Wrong; Let It Be Known; Soft As Silk; Everything We Are; Open Country.


David Friesen Circle 3 Trio: Triple Exposure

Read "Triple Exposure" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

For most, a triangle is the shape that readily springs to mind when analyzing, discussing, and/or conceptualizing a trio. There's no mistaking roles and positions, after all, when there are three clearly defined sides. A circle, on the other hand, offers no beginning, no middle, and no end. In many ways it's a better analog for ...


David Friesen & Glen Moore: Bactrian

Read "Bactrian" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Time and space can take nothing away from certain musical relationships. There are those on-and-off partnerships that flourish regardless of the frequency of encounters and years gone by, and this is clearly one of them. The connection between bass masters David Friesen and Glen Moore goes back some five decades. It yielded two ...


Label: Origin Records
Released: 2015
Track listing: Still Waters; Free Play; Hoe Down; Soft As Silk; Caravan; Return; Seam Line; Time And Time Again/Brilliant Heart; Summer Time; Kontrast; The Bactrian.


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