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A Cast of Thousands

Label: Creative Sources
Released: 2017
Track listing: Montelimar; The Bucket Of Kimchi; Thawing Out; Slap And Wobble; Crow And Skylark; Bongo Billy Up A Tree; On The Roof And Down The Stairs; Slinking; Romance Is Not Dead.


Raymond MacDonald & Graeme Wilson: A Cast of Thousands

Read "A Cast of Thousands" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Raymond MacDonald and Graeme Wilson are two of the leading figures in the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. The music on Cast Of Thousands may be freely improvised but the emphasis here seems very much upon structure and form. One suspects that MacDonald and Wilson's lengthy experience playing together allows each man to trust the other and that ...

Willisau & Berlin

Label: Creative Sources
Released: 2014

Eight Improvisations

Label: Creative Sources
Released: 2014

Dracaena Draco / IKB

Label: Creative Sources
Released: 2014


Label: Creative Sources
Released: 2013

The Enchanted Messa After Giuseppe Verdi

Label: Creative Sources
Released: 2013

Wunderkammer XXL

Label: Creative Sources
Released: 2013

12 Tiny Explosions

Label: Creative Sources
Released: 2013

Sack Of Rice

Label: Creative Sources
Released: 2013


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