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As You Like

Label: Jazz Eyes
Released: 2011
Track listing: All The Things You Are; Played Twice; Guinnevere; Will Call; Days of Old; As You Like; At Sundown; Minor Shuffle; Isotope.

As You Like

Released: 2011
Track listing: 01. All The Things You Are; 02. Played Twice; 03. Guinnevere; 04. Will Call; 05. Days of Old; 06. As You Like; 07. At Sundown; 08. Minor Shuffle; 09. Isotope.


BANN: As You Like

Read "As You Like" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

What happens when you put four distinct voices--each one equally powerful--together in an ensemble? The chance that they will pull in different directions is quite real. The fact that the repertoire is as exciting as it is challenging is also quite the lure to fly in the face of convention, even if the rest of the ...


BANN: As You Like

Read "As You Like" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il gruppo BANN mette a confronto due generazioni di musicisti e lo fa con risultati interessanti ben dimostrati da questo primo album, pubblicato dalla etichetta siciliana Jazz Eyes. I nomi sono di assoluto valore, dal saxofonista anglo-canadese Seamus Blake, al chitarrista israeliano Oz Noy, ai due veterani Jay Anderson e Adam Nussbaum, rispettivamente bassista canadese e ...


BANN: As You Like

Read "As You Like" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Not to be confused with the British Association of Neuroscience Nurses, or the Builders Association of Northern Nevada, BANN--the brainchild of drummer Adam Nussbaum--is a quartet which nevertheless matches brain with brawn. Saxophonist Seamus Blake, bassist Jay Anderson, Nussbaum and guitarist Oz Noy pool their initials and their considerable individual talents, to create a vibrant, swinging ...


BANN: As You Like

Read "As You Like" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

BANN came together in 2007, combining the experienced rhythm section of bassist Jay Anderson and drummer Adam Nussbaum with the younger duo of guitarist Oz Noy and tenor player Seamus Blake. While the band has been busy playing live on the European scene it's taken almost four years for its debut album, recorded in May 2009, ...


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