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Arno Marsh

Arno Marsh was an American jazz tenor saxophonist. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States, Marsh played early on in local dance bands, then played in Woody Herman's ensemble from 1951 to 1953, where he soloed frequently on Herman's Mars Records releases. He led a band in a Grand Rapids residency from 1953 to 1955, then rejoined Herman intermittently through 1958. He also recorded with Stan Kenton, Charlie Barnet, Lionel Hampton, Buddy Rich, and Harry James. After the late 1950s most of Marsh's activity was in Las Vegas leading hotel orchestras; he accompanied Nancy Wilson on record with one of them in 1968, and did a Woody Herman tribute in 1974


Arno Marsh (1928-2019)

Arno Marsh (1928-2019)

Arno Marsh, a big band tenor saxophonist who recorded almost exclusively with Woody Herman's Third Herd in the 1950s and cited Chu Berry and Stan Getz among his major influences, died on July 12. He was 91. In addition to his work with Herman, Arno led a band in his home town of Grand Rapids, Mich., ...

Caution: Brief Column Ahead...

Read "Caution: Brief Column Ahead..." reviewed by Jack Bowers

This may be one of the shortest columns I've written in fourteen-plus years at All About Jazz. The fact is, not much has happened this month in our little corner of big band jazz, and there is almost nothing to report. About all we can do is look forward to events on the horizon: Jazz Under ...


Interview: Arno Marsh (Part 2)

Interview: Arno Marsh (Part 2)

On the phone, Arno Marsh sounds the way he plays. There's a smoothness to his voice, and the cadence of his words swings. Swinging, in general, is a lost art. Those who came up in the '40s and '50s have a real knack for it. When they start blowing,they slip right into the groove, with that ...


Interview: Arno Marsh (Part 1)

Interview: Arno Marsh (Part 1)

If you were a superb musician back in the 1940s and lived in a city or moved to one, you were likely going to find yourself auditioning for a name band pretty quickly. But for every great musician who wound up in a major orchestra, there were hundreds of others who remained in their smaller home ...


Salute to Stan Kenton: Artistry in Contrast

Read "Salute to Stan Kenton: Artistry in Contrast" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Artistry in Rhythm, the Ken Poston / Los Angeles Jazz Institute's 2009 homage to the renowned bandleader Stan Kenton, was held October 8-11 at the Sheraton LAX Four Points Hotel. As always, there was much to see, hear and admire: films, panel discussions, special presentations and, last but not least, no fewer than nineteen concerts by ...


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