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Stanley Clarke: The Complete 1970s Epic Albums Collection

Label: Legacy Recordings
Released: 2012
Track listing: Stanley Clarke

Tracks: Vulcan Princess; Yesterday Princess; Lopsy Lu; Power; Spanish Phases for Strings and Brass; Life Suite—Part 1; Life Suite—Part 2; Life Suite—Part 3; Life Suite—Part 4.

Personnel: Stanley Clarke: electric bass, acoustic bass, vocals, fuzz phaser, brass orchestration (1); Jan Hammer: Moog synthesizer, electric piano, organ, acoustic piano; Bill Connors: electric guitar, acoustic guitar; Tony Williams: drums; Peter Gordon: brass (1, 5-9); David Taylor: brass (1, 5-9); Jon Faddis: brass (1, 5-9); James Buffington: brass (1, 5-9); Lew Soloff: brass (1, 5-9); Garnett Brown: brass (1, 5-9); Michael Gibbs: string orchestration (5-9), brass orchestration (6-9); David Nadien: strings (5-9); Charles P. McCracken: strings (5-9); Jesse Levy: strings (5-9); Carol Buck: strings (5-9); Beverly Lauridsen: strings (5-9); Harry Cykman: strings (5-9); Harold Kohon: strings (5-9); Paul Gershman: strings (5-9); Harry Lookofsky: strings (5-9); Emanuel Green: strings (5-9).

Journey to Love

Tracks: Silly Putty; Journey to Love; Hello Jeff; Song to John (Part I)—Dedicated to John Coltrane; Song to John (Part II)—Dedicated to John Coltrane; Concerto for Jazz/Rock Orchestra.

Personnel: Stanley Clarke: Alembix electric bass, piccolo bass with Maestro synthesizer (6), acoustic bass, hand bells, tubular bells, organ, gong, vocal; George Duke: Mini-Moog synthesizer, ARP Odyssey, organ, ARP String Ensemble; clavinet; acoustic piano, electric piano, bells and vocal (1-3, 6); David Sancious: electric guitar, 12-string guitar; Steve Gadd (1, 2, 6): drums; Jeff Beck: electric guitar (3); Lenny White: drums (3); Chick Corea: acoustic piano (4, 5); Mahavishnu John McLaughlin: acoustic guitar (4, 5); Peter Gordon: brass (6); David Taylor: brass (6); Jon Faddis: brass (6); Alan Rubin: brass (6); Lew Soloff: brass (6); Thomas Malone: brass (6); John Clarke: brass (6); Earl Chapin: brass (6); Wilmer Wise: brass (6).

School Days

Tracks: School Days; Quiet Afternoon; The Dancer; Desert Song; Hot Fun; Life is Just a Game.

Personnel: Stanley Clarke: electric bass guitar (1-3, 5, 6), handbells (1), vocal (1, 6), acoustic piano (2, 3), piccolo bass guitar with instant flanger (2),piccolo bass guitar (3, 6), humming (3), acoustic bass (4, 6), gong (6), chimes (6); David Sancious: keyboards (1), Mini-Moog synthesizer (2, 3), organ (3), electric guitar (5); Raymond Gomez: guitar (1), rhythm guitar (3), solo guitar (3), electric guitar (5); Gerry Brown: drums (1, 3), handbells (1); Steve Gadd: drums (2, 5); Milton Holland: percussion (3), conga (4), triangle (4); John McLaughlin: acoustic guitar (4); George Duke: keyboards (6); Icarus Johnson: electric guitar (6), acoustic guitar (6); Billy Cobham: drums (6), Moog 1500 (6); David Campbell: strings (6); Dennis Karmazyn: strings (6); Lya Stern: strings (6); Thomas Bulfum: strings (6); Janice Adler Gower: strings (6); Mareia Van Dyke: strings (6); Karen Jones: strings (6); Robert Dubow: strings (6); Ronald Strauss: strings (6); Rollice Dale: strings (6); Gordon Marron: strings (6); John Wittenberg: strings (6); Marilyn Baker: strings (6); Jack Nimitz: brass (6); Buddy Childers: brass (6); Lew McCreary: brass (6); Dalton Smith: brass (6); Robert Findlay: brass (6); Gary Grant: brass (6); George Bohanon: brass (6); William Peterson: brass (6); Stuart Blumberg: brass (6); Albert Aarons: brass (6).

Modern Man

Tracks: Opening (Statement); He Lives On (Story About the Last Journey of a Warrior); More Hot Fun; Slow Dance; Interlude: A Serious Occasion; Got to Find My Own Place; Dayride; Interlude: It's What She Didn't Say; Modern Man; Interlude: A Relaxed Occasion; Rock 'n' Roll Jelly; Closing (Statement).

Stanley Clarke: acoustic bass (1, 9), Alembic bass (1-4, 6, 7, 9), narration (1), acoustic piano (2, 9), piccolo bass (2, 4), vocal (2, 6, 7), bass (5, 8, 10), string arrangement (6); Al Harrison: B-Flat trumpet (1, 3, 7, 12), piccolo trumpet (1, 3, 7, 12), trumpet (6), flugelhorn (6); James Tinsley: B-Flat trumpet (1, 3, 7, 12), piccolo trumpet (1-3, 7, 12), trumpet (6), flugelhorn (6); Bobby Malach: tenor saxophone (1, 3, 6, 7, 12), soprano saxophone (6); Alfie Williams: soprano saxophone (1, 7, 12), baritone saxophone (1, 12), tenor saxophone (6), flute (6); Dale Devoe: trombone (1, 6, 7, 12); Michael Garson: Oberheim synthesizer (1, 3, 7, 12), Moog synthesizer (1, 3, 12), organ (1, 12), acoustic piano (4, 6); Raymond Gomez: guitar (1, 3, 6, 7, 12); Gerry Brown: drums (1, 3, 6, 7, 12), percussion (1, 3, 7, 12); Steve Gadd: cymbal (1, 12); Dee Dee Bridgewater: vocal (1); A Cast of Thousands: footstompers (1, 12); Jeff "Skunk" Baxter: electric guitar (2), pedal steel guitar (2), synthesizer guitar (2); Jeff Porcaro: drums (2, 4, 9), percussion (2); Juliia Waters: vocal (3, 4); Maxine Waters: vocal (3, 4); Charles Veal, Jr.: concert master (6, 9), violin (6, 9); Alice Sacha: violin (6, 9); Connie Kupka: violin (6, 9); Cynthia Kovacs: violin (6, 9); Debra Price: violin (6, 9); Frank Foster: violin (6, 9); Josef Schoenbrun: violin (6, 9); Kenneth Yerke: violin (6, 9); Marsha Van Dyke: violin (6, 9); Ronald Clark: violin (6, 9); Sandy Seymour: violin (6, 9); Steve Scharf: violin (6, 9); Barbara Thomason: viola (6, 9); Leonard Selic: viola (6, 9); Mark Kovacs: viola (6, 9); Rollice Dale: viola (6, 9); Harry Shultz: cello (6, 9); Jan Kelly: cello (6, 9); Niles Oliver: cello (6, 9); Ron Cooper: cello (6, 9); Jeff Beck: guitar (11); Carmine Appice: drums (11), stereo wah-wah bass (11); James Fiducia: 44 Magnum Gun (12).

I Wanna Play For You

Tracks: CD1: Rock 'n' Roll Jelly; All About; Jamaican Boy; Christopher Ivanhoe; My Greatest Hits; Strange Weather; I Wanna Play for You. CD2: School Days; Quiet Afternoon; Together Again; Blues for Mingus; Off the Planet; Hot Fun Closing.

Personnel: Stanley Clarke: electric bass (CD1#1-3, CD1#5-9, CD2#1, CD2#6), organ (CD1#1), piccolo bass guitar (CD1#2, CD1#7-8, CD2#2, CD2#5), piano (CD1#2), vocal (CD1#2, CD1#7, CD1#9), Oberheim synthesizer (CD1#6, CD1#8), talkbox (CD1#7-8), all instruments except noted (CD1#4, CD2#3), acoustic bass (CD2#4); Al Harrison: B-Flat trumpet (CD1#1, CD2#1-2, CD2#6); James Tinsley: B-Flat trumpet (CD1#1, CD2#1-2, CD2#6); Bob Malachs: tenor saxophone (CD1#1, CD2#1-2, CD2#6); Al Williams: baritone saxophone (CD1#1, CD2#6), soprano saxophone (CD2#2); Michael Garson: Oberheim synthesizer (CD1#1, CD2#2), Fender Rhodes (CD2#2), ARP String Ensemble (CD2#2, CD2#6), acoustic piano (CD2#4), Yamaha Electric Grand Piano (CD2#5); Raymond Gomez: electric guitar (CD1#1, C2#1-2, CD2#6); Gerry Brown: drums (CD1#1, CD2#1); Bayeté Todd Cochran: Oberheim synthesizer (CD1#2, CD1#9, CD2#6), ARP 2600 synthesizer (CD1#2, CD1#6, CD1#9, CD2#6), acoustic piano (CD1#3), organ (CD1#3), ARP String Ensemble (3); Darryl Brown: drums (CD1#2, CD1#4-5, CD1#7, CD2#2, CD2#4-6), cymbal (CD1#6); Airto Moreira: percussion (CD1#2); Jeff Beck: electric guitar (CD1#3); Steve Gadd: drums (CD1#3); Tom Scott: alto saxophone (CD1#4), Lyricon (CD1#7, 8); George Duke: Yamaha electric grand piano (CD1#7-8); Harvey Mason: drums (CD1#7-9); Cathy Carson: vocal (CD1#8-9); Gwen Owens: vocal (CD1#8-9); Juanita Curiel: vocal (CD1#8-9); Stan Getz: tenor saxophone (CD1#9); Ronnie Foster: electric piano (CD1#9); David DeLeon: electric bass (CD2#2); Freddie Hubbard: flugelhorn (CD2#3).

Live 1976-77

Tracks: School Days; Lopsy Lu; Quiet Afternoon; Silly Putty; Dayride; Bass Folk Song No. 3; The Magician; Desert Song; Vulcan Princess.

Personnel: Stanley Clarke: electric bass guitar (1-5, 7, 9); piccolo bass guitar (3), acoustic bass (6, 8); Al Harrison: B-flat trumpet (1-5, 7, 9), slide whistle (7), piccolo trumpet (7); James Tinsley: B-flat trumpet (1-5, 7, 9), piccolo trumpet (7), alarm clock (7); Bob Malach: tenor saxophone (1-5), flute (3); Alfie Williams: soprano saxophone (1, 4, 5), alto saxophone (2), flute (3), baritone saxophone (4); Peter Robinson: Fender Rhodes (1-5), B-3 organ (1-5), ARP String Ensemble (1-5), Mini-Moog bass (1, 3, 4); Raymond Gomez: electric guitar (1-5, 7, 9); Gerry Brown: drums (1-5, 7, 9); David Sancious: electric piano (6, 7, 9), B-3 organ (7, 9), Mini-Moog synthesizer (7, 9), Poly-Moog synthesizer (7, 9); John McLaughlin: acoustic guitar (8); Darryl Munyungo Jackson: percussion (8).


News: Performance / Tour

Third Annual All-Star Jazz Jam With Jazz Bridge in Somers Point (NJ) On Sunday June 10th!

Third Annual All-Star Jazz Jam With Jazz Bridge in Somers Point (NJ) On Sunday June 10th!

Jazz Bridge fans and supporters are presenting their last fundraiser of the spring at the Sandi Pointe Coastal Bistro, 908 Shore Road, Somers Point, New Jersey. Appearing at our Third Annual All-Star Jazz Jam with Jazz Bridge Down the Shore on June 10th from 4 - 7:30 pm will be some of the shore's most esteemed ...


News: Recording

Eleven Current 2011 Releases From Dreambox Media!

Eleven Current 2011 Releases From Dreambox Media!

DMJ-1129 DENIS DiBLASIO / BRIAN BETZ Project: Flute / Guitar Denis DiBlasio's latest new release is another duo recording with guitarist Brian Betz, who this time around displays his rich acoustic guitar with DiBlasio exclusively on flute in an eight-tune program of all-original compositions. DMJ-1130 JORDAN BERGER's First Acoustic and electric bassist Jordan Berger's First comprises ...


News: Performance / Tour

Jazz Bridge Celebrates Jelly Roll Morton on September 24th at Trinity Episcopal Church (Ambler, PA)

Jazz Bridge Celebrates Jelly Roll Morton on September 24th at Trinity Episcopal Church (Ambler, PA)

On Saturday, Sept. 24th, saxophonist Larry McKenna will be celebrating the life and legacy of one of the progenitors of jazz—Jelly Roll Morton—with a dynamite traditional jazz band that will include trumpeter Al Harrison, trombonist Clarence Watson, pianist Tom Lawton, bassist Ed Wise and drummer Jimmy Coleman. This unique concert, which will raise money for two ...


News: Performance / Tour

Al Harrison and his Dixieland Band Plays Mardi Gras for Musicians Benefit at the Collingswood Community Center on March 8th

Trumpeter Al Harrison and his Dixieland Band will be playing a benefit concert “Mardi Gras For Musicians!" at the Collingswood Community Center, 30 E. Collings Ave., Collingswood, NJ, on Fat Tuesday, March 8th to raise money for two local nonprofits that bring music to the Greater Philadelphia Metro area (the Tri-State Jazz Society and Regol Concerts) ...


News: Event

Cape May Traditional Jazz Society Presents Dixieland Jazz

Cape May Traditional Jazz Society Presents  Dixieland Jazz

Cape May Traditional Jazz Society Presents Dixieland Jazz When - Sunday January 31, 2010 from 2 to 4 pm Where--VFW Post 386 419 Congress St. Cape May, NJ 609-884-7961 Who--"Al Harrison Dixieland Band," with Al Harrison trumpet, Joe Barret clarinet, Bill Newnam trombone, Jim Parker tuba, Lew Leabman drums, Franny ...


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