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1000 Kilometers

Label: CAM Jazz
Released: 2008
Track listing: 01. Deep Six (Walker) - 4:21; 02. From a Dream (Towner) - 1:00; 03. Catching Up (Towner) - 8:12; 04. 1000 Kilometers (Towner) - 10:28; 05. Bayonne (McCandless) - 6:28; 06. Simone (Towner) - 5:52; 07. Free Imp (Oregon) - 1:46; 08. Back Pocket (Moore) - 2:57; 09. Relentless Imp (Oregon) - 3:33; 10. Paraglide (Towner) - 6:55; 11. The Bactrian (Moore) - 8:05; 12. 1000 Kilometers (reprise) (Towner) - 2:03.


Oregon: 1000 Kilometers

Read "1000 Kilometers" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Giunti al secondo disco per la CamJazz, dopo Prime, gli Oregon sfoggiano un'altra prova di grande classe, per nulla sminuita dai quasi quattro decenni di attività del gruppo. Da sempre estranei a qualsiasi moda e tendenza, il loro cammino musicale non ha mai smesso di essre lineare e coerente, senza grandi innovazioni, ma anche senza cadute ...

1000 Kilometers

Label: CAM Jazz
Released: 2007
Track listing: Deep Six; From a Dream; Catching Up; 1000 Kilometers; Bayonne; Simone; Free Imp; Back Pocket; Relentless Imp; Paraglide; The Bactran; 1000 Kilometers (reprise).


Oregon: 1000 Kilometers

Read "1000 Kilometers" reviewed by John Kelman

The challenge facing any longstanding group is retaining its core qualities while remaining contemporary and vital as the years pass. Oregon may well be the longest-running group in jazz today, with three of its four members together since its inception in 1970. Its ability to combine detailed composition with near-telepathic free improvisation can still be heard ...


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