Saxophone Love and My Piano Love


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Saxophone Love I

Friday night was Jazz Night
at the Blue Bongo Club
down on 57th Street

He started blowin' bout'
three Fridays ago, and
his presence alone would
give one pause

Me and the girls went
eve'ry Friday night, but
that Friday was different

Between deep Tenor breaths,
he looked at me,
like I belonged to him

After the gig was over,
he asked me to stay

He seemed to know that
I wanted to feel the
stiffness of his brass___horn

Alone, we talked, we danced
then he pulled out his______brass
it felt so good in my hands

Cool, erect, and smooth
to my touch, he titillated me
oh so gently

I tasted and in and out
and out and in
my mouth moistened for more

He threw his head back
to partake of my...
performance and smiled

When done
we both agreed
I needed to take...
Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone Love II

Naughty thoughts glisten
in the wild vibration of his horn
he shines like a star
from Heaven's jewelry box
and placed in my onyx sky
I bask in his Jazz - Illiance

His music takes me back...
yeah....back to
back yard barbecue's,
cornrows between Mama's legs,
and the first fire ignited
in the furnace between mine

Nothin prepared me for...his
smooth sounds
the way he wets...
his lips
and plays...me

Our silhouette blushes
at smooth sounds
I make till dawn

on his Saxophone

Saxophone Love III

Eyes closed; hips bumpin'
Davis and Coltrane saxin'
Bass beats to my feet

Jukebox spillin' hot
Honey-soakin' my insides
With brass love notes

My Sax Man took stage
My universe stopped to touch
Each of his exhales

Jazzical foreplay
Prodding my musical spots
I don't care who sees

My sax induced hands improvising

Saxophone Love IX

Sweet wind
exhales from brass
notes dance la reverie
flesh pulsating, as I murmur
his name

My Piano Love I

When I rest my eager hands against the keyboard
my fingers transform with each ivory key
I succumb to the song of your sea
embrace every wave
move deeply
with your extraordinary energy
your power

With each black key
I enchant you
resonate with you
make magic with you
my melodious silhouette
echoes with you

Pedals satisfy
a lingering desire
to touch you
play you
no one knew

about me
and my Piano


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