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Peter Kuhn

Peter Kuhn made a name for himself in New York City’s “Loft Scene” in the mid to late 70’s. He played and recorded with Frank Lowe, Billy Bang, Lester Bowie, William Parker and others in that rich musical period with his music documented on Hat Hut (“Ghost of a Trance”), Soul Note (“The Kill”) his own label Big City Records (“Livin’ Right”). After a lengthy hiatus to deal with debilitating drug addiction. Peter is once again in the forefront of creative improvised music these last few years, playing with renewed passion and commitment no doubt supported by his trainings as a Zen Buddhist Priest and more than 30 years of recovery from active addiction


Peter Kuhn, Dave Sewelson, Gerald Cleaver, Larry Roland: Our Earth / Our World

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Parte subito lancia in resta questa lunga (almeno quanto a durate dei singoli episodi, svarianti dagli 11 ai 25 minuti e rotti) impro session, che coinvolge musicisti rodati senza peraltro ascendere, se non a sprazzi, a risultati pari alle attese. Come fin troppo spesso accade in frangenti del genere, infatti, sembra mancare una reale linea-guida, cosicché ...