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Candy Dulfer: Funked Up!

Read "Funked Up!" reviewed by Woodrow Wilkins

Let's not get confused. Candy Dulfer's music isn't jazz so much as it is soul without lyrics. And that's just fine.

The Holland-born saxophonist was raised in a musical family. Her father, Hans Dulfer, founded the Bimhaus, a jazz club that was subsidized by the government as a means of promoting the arts. Candy Dulfer broke ...

Candy Dulfer: Funked Up!

Read "Funked Up!" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

Let's get something straight. Candy Dulfer is not a jazz saxophonist. Candy Dulfer is a funk saxophonist who can play jazz, but her preference is playing funk.

If you're going to call your new album Funked Up!, you had better bring the funk loud, proud and strong. No worries here. The Dutch-born saxophonist delivers 11 ...