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Kurt Elling: Man In The Air

Read "Man In The Air" reviewed by Joshua Weiner

When recording songs written by other artists, the jazz musician faces a dilemma: how to pay homage to, and show respect for, the composer's vision, while at the same time bringing to the tune a fresh approach and original talent? On his new Blue Note record, Man In The Air, vocalist Kurt Elling walks this tightrope ...


Kurt Elling: Man in the Air

Read "Man in the Air" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

It's often said of particular jazz singers: “He's (she's) really got a good set of pipes." And the compliment seems meant to denote the sheer God-given beauty of the vocal instument.

The thirty-five year old Kurt Elling, who came to jazz singing relatively late in life – though his vocal beginnings can be traced back to ...