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The Vintage Years 1970 - 1991

Read "The Vintage Years 1970 - 1991" reviewed by John Kelman

There are bands that manage to carve out a place for themselves in the music world that lasts for decades; there are others who, while having created a name for themselves during their peak years and, while they continue to tour and, even, make the occasional studio album, are invariably best remembered for their seminal early ...


Emi Ferguson: Amour Cruel

Read "Amour Cruel" reviewed by Peter Jurew

Crossing musical borders is a risky business. Our culture loves certainty; the marketplace prefers easily distinguishable, homogenous categories. Whereas contemporary visual artists, at least since Rauschenberg, receive critical praise (and financial reward) for combining styles and materials previously thought to be discrete, contemporary musicians who cross boundaries put their reputations, and sometimes their careers, on the ...


Beach Boys: Morgan Sessions

Beach Boys: Morgan Sessions

At the dawn of the 1960s, the Beach Boys were a teenage vocal group who bridged elements of West Coast jazz with California pop rock. The fusion wasn't a calculated plan as much it was the result of happenstance. The five singer-musicians had long admired the Four Freshmen and other vocal-harmony groups but were looking for ...


Beach Boys: Pet Sounds Turns 50

Beach Boys: Pet Sounds Turns 50

The release today of the Beach Boys' 50th anniversary remastered five-disc Pet Sounds box provides me with a perfect hook to chat a bit about one of my favorite pop-rock albums. The new set features mono and stereo version of the album plus instrumental tracks, vocal tracks, surround sound mono, stereo and stereo instrumental tracks and ...


John Daversa: Kaleidoscope Eyes

Read "John Daversa: Kaleidoscope Eyes" reviewed by Paul Naser

Internationally renowned performer, composer, arranger, band leader, teacher; John Daversa's talents include these among many others. His in demand skills as a world-class trumpet player have led him to perform on such prestigious stages as the Monterey Jazz, Montreal Jazz and Montreux Festivals, on such well known American programs as Late Nite with David Letterman and ...


The Four Freshmen: Tradition and Innovation in a New Century

Read "The Four  Freshmen: Tradition and Innovation in a New Century" reviewed by Richard J Salvucci

The year was 1963. The President of the United States was John F Kennedy. It was late Summer. I was riding back from the Jersey shore, returning from vacation. I was twelve years old.

My Dad always had music on, always and everywhere, but especially, in the car, a two-tone 1955 Buick Special. ...


Beach Boys: Mono/Stereo

Beach Boys: Mono/Stereo

The Beach Boys' recent 50th anniversary tour had its ups and downs. First Brian Wilson said he wasn't going to re-join the group. Then he agreed. The reunited band played Good Vibrations during the Grammy Awards with some technical difficulties. Then the band hit the road, where they took some heat for creakiness and rote renditions. ...


Jazz Vocalist Bob Rawleigh Covers The Beach Boys, Stephen Bishop, And Other Pop Icons On New CD

Q: When did you decide to become a singer? A: I actually started singing at 12-years-old and have loved singing ever since. Q: Was jazz always your primary music of choice? A: R&B was my first love. Then I was encouraged by my vocal coaches in my 20s to listen to Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, Jack ...


Nostalgic Look at the Rock & Roll Teen Scene of the 1960s in "Teen A Go Go"

The 1960s undoubtedly ushered in the birth of 'Rock-N-Roll' in America, largely in part to the influence of The Beatles.The British invasion took over the United States like a wildfire after The Beatles premiered on The Ed Sullivan Show. The next morning, garage bands across the country woke up with “Beatle fever" and began growing long ...

The Doors: L.A. Woman - 40th Anniversary Edition

Read "The Doors: L.A. Woman - 40th Anniversary Edition" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

The Doors

L.A. Woman: 40th Anniversary Edition



In the end, The Doors were a jazz organ trio playing the blues, what keyboardist Ray Manzarek called “The Modern Jazz Quartet of Rock." Flirting with psychedelia on its first four albums, providing an acid soundtrack to 1967's Summer of Love, and ...