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Brent Birckhead

Saxophonist Brent Birckhead is an award-winning artist, whose aesthetic is an intersectional amalgam of traditional and popular styles. Unbound by genre, Birckhead’s approach to woodwind artistry is driven by his compulsion for creative risk and deep respect for legacy. His place in the continuum of a storied lineage begins with his surname, Birckhead, and extends to his extensive musical education and work ethic as a visionary approach to life as a rising leader. Educated at Howard University (BME, MM), Birckhead was named best blues/pop/rock soloist and outstanding instrumental jazz soloist by Downbeat Magazine as part of the annual Student Music Awards


Majamisty TriO: LOVE

Read "LOVE" reviewed by Tyran Grillo

Pianist Maja Alvanović and her self-fashioned Majamisty Trio with bassist Ervin Malina and drummer Istvan Cik put Serbian jazz on the map. The trio's 2013 debut Mistyland showed three young artists at top of their game right out of the gate, with classical cylinders running along a track paved in jazz. The sophomore effort LOVE expands ...


Francesco Cusa and the Assassins: Love

Read "Love" reviewed by Giuseppe Segala

Formazione che esprime al meglio la versatilità e la feroce curiosità del suo leader, il batterista, compositore e scrittore Francesco Cusa, The Assassins trova con questo album una decisa focalizzazione dopo i progressivi aggiustamenti della proposta musicale e dell'organico di trio, che aveva già beneficiato dell'inserimento di Piero Bittol Bon nel precedente CD The Beauty and ...


Majamisty TriO: Love

Read "Love" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Serbian pianist and composer Maja Alvanovic's second release with her Majamisty TriO Love is a collection of ethereal dreamscapes that crackle with lively spontaneity. The dominant and unifying theme of the album is a sort of nostalgic impressionism with fluid, hazy sonic images filtered through the lens of memory and time.

The redolent “Rain ...


Changamire: Love

Read "Love" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

With Love, Washington DC-based vocalist Changamiré follows up her self-produced 2001 debut Only Human with a new song cycle mainly co-written and produced with Lincoln Ross, who also contributes trombone to several tracks. Changamiré's songs suggest the compositional depth of Roberta Flack. But her voice is not quite so brooding, and sounds more rooted in the ...


Majamisty TriO: Love

Read "Love" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

"Maja" refers to pianist and composer Maja Alvanović, “misty" is a nod to Errol Garner, one of her influences. Love is the second album from the trio, based in Novi Sad, Serbia. The trio--Alvanović, bassist Ervin Malina and drummer Istvan Cik--are superb players. Alvanović is melodic, crafting single note runs that are gentle, percussive, romantic in ...


Tassilo Dellers Jazz Quartet: Love

Read "Love" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tassilo Dellers è un sassofonista svizzero ed un artista abbastanza eclettico che non ha problemi a cambiare gruppi e generi per esprimersi. Love, eseguito in quartetto accompagnato da una classica ritmica con piano, contrabbasso e batteria è il suo secondo lavoro con questi musicisti, con l'eccezione di Florian Abt, il nuovo contrabbassista, che ha sostituito Sam McPleenart, allo strumento sul precedente ...


The Beatles: Love

Read "Love" reviewed by Brad Glanden

For the truly serious musician, profit often runs a distant second to artistic success. An unsympathetic view of popular musical trends is therefore understandable among such artists, especially when such a trend--be it three-chord rock 'n' roll or unauthorized sampling--makes it significantly harder for them to earn a living. Piracy poses a genuine threat, but ridiculously ...


Bobby Bradford: Love

Read "Love" reviewed by Rex  Butters

During an extended stay in England in 1973, cornetist Bobby Bradford found kindred musical spirits in reedman Trevor Watts, drummer John Stevens, and bassist Kent Carter. They only recorded once, live during a week’s residency in a Parisian club. Parts of those shows make up Love’s Dream, the latest release of this material from Emanem. Of ...


Lorraine Desmarais Trio: Love

Read "Love" reviewed by Jorg Knobloch

When I first received Lorraine Desmarais' new CD Love I was taken by the gorgeous picture of the pianist on the cover and the pretty artwork. Since the arrival of fellow Canadian Diana Krall good looks have been a strong marketing tool. But make no mistake, Lorraine Desmarais has been on the scene for a long ...