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David Benoit: Conversation

Read "Conversation" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

If a touch of grey makes a man look distinguished, his full head of hair gone grey makes David Benoit positively aristocratic. The knock on Benoit is he makes music that is pleasant yet not memorable and, at times, is dismissed as being lightweight. It's time to reassess that somewhat harsh appraisal as time has been ...


Dave Liebman Group: Conversation

Read "Conversation" reviewed by John Kelman

When an artist has as a wide musical viewpoint as saxophonist Dave Liebman, and has released so many albums in a 35-year career that touch on so many aspects of jazz--big band to solo, highly structured to free, acoustic to electric--one would think that there'd be little chance of surprise left.

Wrong. Released in '03, Conversation--featuring ...

Michel & Tony Petrucciani: Conversation

Read "Conversation" reviewed by AAJ Staff

While I don’t like to bring personal experiences into CD reviews, I may be forgiven for this one exception. Maybe not. When I listen to Conversation, I am reminded of watching Bucky and John Pizzarelli perform in a duo performance last fall. As they played a number of tunes that Bucky and his uncles taught John ...