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15 Emerging Norwegian Jazz Musicians You Need To Know About

Read "15 Emerging Norwegian Jazz Musicians You Need To Know About" reviewed by Luca Vitali

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Far too many people talk about the Norwegian scene as being “interesting because it's so exotic." Those who think so, have in mind its “Nordic Tone," that distinctive mood which evokes snow, mountains and icy fjords. This kind ...

Two Scandinavian Jazz Orchestras

Read "Two  Scandinavian Jazz Orchestras" reviewed by John Eyles

It can be notoriously difficult to keep large-scale improvising ensembles in check and prevent their music from spiralling into incoherence. At their best, when the balance between order and chaos is just right, they make thrilling listening and attract fans in abundance, just as jazz big bands once did. Classic examples include Carla Bley & Mike ...

Laurence Crane: Composer of the Year?

Read "Laurence Crane: Composer of the Year?" reviewed by John Eyles

Laurence Crane is a contemporary composer who was born in Oxford in 1961. He has said of his music, “I use simple and basic musical objects-- common chords and intervals, arpeggios, drones, cadences, fragments of scales and melodies. The materials may seem familiar, perhaps even rather ordinary, but my aim is to find a fresh beauty ...

Mats Gustafsson - Yoshimi: Words on the Floor

Read "Words on the Floor" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Cosa mai avranno da dirsi un'icona avant-rock giapponese come Yoshimi e un improvvisatore instancabile come il sassofonista svedese Mats Gustafsson? Molto, probabilmente. Niente, forse. L'importante è cercare, dialogare ed ecco che l'occasione è un concerto a Malmoe nell'aprile del 2005, ripreso da questo Words on the Floor per la Smalltown Superjazzz. Ben nota per il suo lavoro con i Boredoms, le OOIOO ...