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Ludwig van Beethoven - Recordings during War Time conducted by Wilhelm Furtwangler

Read "Ludwig van Beethoven - Recordings during War Time conducted by Wilhelm Furtwangler" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

German conductor and composer Wilhelm Furtwangler (1886--1954) remains a difficult enigma in music. Though never a member of Germany's NAZI party he was nevertheless associated with the regime both tacitly and unwittingly through the long-term efforts of Dr. Josef Goebbels' Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Socially and politically naïve, Furtwangler believed that German Art and ...


Alexandra Grimal: Andromeda

Read "Andromeda" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Andromeda è disco notturno, e non poteva essere diversamente visto che a costellazioni e ad immagini di esplorazioni celesti fa riferimento e prende spunto. Notturno per il senso di mistero che pervade la musica, per il suo evocare immagini attraverso una narrazione allusiva piuttosto che descrittiva, per lo stupore che suscita nei confronti dell'infinito e del non conosciuto. Notturno per ...

Alexandra Grimal: Andromeda

Read "Andromeda" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

French saxophonist Alexandra Grimal composed this symphony of minimalist chamber music while watching a starry night at the MacDowell Colony, the United States' oldest arts enclave. For this ambitious composition, she enlists guitarist Todd Neufeld, bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Tyshawn Sorey, the trio that recorded Sorey's majestic Koan (482 Music, 2009) three years ago.

California Guitar Trio: Andromeda

Read "Andromeda" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

California Guitar Trio celebrates it twentieth anniversary on Andromeda. Protégé's of iconic progressive rock guitarist Robert Fripp (of King Crimson fame), the trio's distinct and borderless methodologies have garnered acclaim throughout the past two decades. The band was often the opening act during King Crimson's late 1990s and early 2000s renaissance. Here, the artists and a ...