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Festival Internacional Gypsy Swing, Chile

Read "Festival Internacional Gypsy Swing, Chile" reviewed by Pablo Reyes

Now in its tenth year, on December 7 the Festival Internacional Gypsy Swing Django Reinhardt in Santiago, Chile featured an extensive roster of local artists.

The Cultural Center of Spain in the Chilean capital once again welcomed a large audience that enjoyed the music of renowned jazz groups including Swing Song Bossa with Natalia ...


Guitarist Carlos Saunier releases "Inminente"

Guitarist Carlos Saunier releases "Inminente"

On Inminente, guitarist and composer Carlos Saunier paints from a palette of global jazz styles to color his debut release in bright and articulate sound from a distinctively warm, contemporary jazz perspective. Saunier bought his first guitar at age 13 while growing up in Santiago, Chile. “The first thing that attracted my attention was the sound of the guitar—how ...


Michael Pisaro, Cristián Alvear: Melody, Silence

Read "Melody, Silence" reviewed by John Eyles

The irresistible rise of Buffalo-born composer and guitarist Michael Pisaro has been an ongoing phenomenon since the turn of the millennium. Initially, his recordings and scores were released on Edition Wandelweiser, fitting as he is a significant member of the Wandelweiser group. Gradually, like-minded labels such as Another Timbre, Cathnor, Compost & Height and Erstwhile also ...


Gabriel Reyes: Satori

Read "Satori" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Chilean guitarist Gabriel Reyes' second release as a leader, Satori brims with the visceral effervescence of soul-jazz within the framework of sophisticated and stylish orchestration. The eight Reyes originals that comprise the album are intricately penned with ample room for the individual sextet members to express their spontaneous creativity.

Reyes' emotive unaccompanied guitar serenade opens ...

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