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Seven Women 2018 - Part I

Read "Seven Women 2018 - Part I" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

If 2017 taught me anything, it was that my “Five Women" column would need to expand. So, this year, we will enlarge the format to “Seven Women" and be the better for it.

Anat Cohen Tentet
Happy Song
Anzic Records

Anat Cohen's excellent Happy Song was released last ...


Download Three Free MP3s by Pianist Deanna Witkowski

Download Three Free MP3s by Pianist Deanna Witkowski

Learn more about pianist Deanna Witkowski, then download three free tracks, including one from her latest release From This Place. Enjoy! About Deanna Witkowski Continuing in a tradition while pioneering new ways of viewing the world around them has always been the daily work of artists, whether they be jazz musicians or religious mystics. In the case ...