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Noah Preminger, Alexa Tarantino, Dave Douglas & More

Read "Noah Preminger, Alexa Tarantino, Dave Douglas & More" reviewed by Bob Osborne

A mix of new releases this week, with music from Noah Preminger, Alexa Tarantino, Anthony Shadduck, Dan Phillips and Dave Douglas, plus some classic Thelonious Monk and other recent releases.

Playlist Noah Preminger “World of Twelve Faces" from After Life (Criss Cross) 00:00 Anthony Shadduck “The Story of Maryam" from Quartet & Double Quartet ...


Dominik Wania, Satoko Fujii, Alistair Spence And More

Read "Dominik Wania, Satoko Fujii, Alistair Spence And More" reviewed by Maurice Hogue

Italian saxophonist Roberto Ottaviano's latest recording is really about love--not so much the romantic kind, but more about the love that jazz musicians and fans have for enduring compositions written by the likes of Charlie Haden, Abdullah Ibrahim, John Coltrane, Dewey Redman and Don Cherry.

And let's not forget about creative music's love affair ...


Mountweazel, Tim Haldeman & More

Read "Mountweazel, Tim Haldeman & More" reviewed by Maurice Hogue

Musicians are no different than many of us as we move from place to place for reasons of opportunity, love, employment, school, freedom, safety and peace. This week's edition of One Man's Jazz features three sax players who have done just that. Sweden's Alberto Pinton is Italian, but has lived in Sweden for many years. You'll ...


Lars Fiil: Frit Fald (Free Fall)

Read "Frit Fald (Free Fall)" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Lars Fiil è un pianista danese non ancora trentenne che ha all'attivo un album di debutto con i fiocchi -Reconsideration è stato nominato per il Danish Music Award -con un quartetto vincitore dell'altrettanto prestigioso Young Danish Jazz Comets. Ma Fiil è anche e soprattutto un pianista/compositore di sorprendente maturità e originalità. Lo dimostra ampiamente con questo ...


Lars Fiil: Frit Fald

Read "Frit Fald" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

All musicians work with sound, but their approaches are different. To some, it starts with a melody, to others it begins with a groove and then there are those who are simply interested in sound.

Danish pianist Lars Fiil, who has previously based his compositions around melodies and grooves, is starting to move ...


Lars Fiil: Reconsideration

Read "Reconsideration" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Fa sempre piacere imbattersi in musicisti nuovi, giovani, interessanti. Vincitore dello Young Jazz Comets Denmark nel 2010, il ventiquattrenne pianista danese Lars Fiil è qui al suo disco d'esordio, alla testa di un quartetto di coetanei (il più giovane è il bassista, ventiduenne; la più anziana - per così dire - è la sassofonista, ventiseienne). Sottolineiamo il dato ...


Lars Fiil Quartet: Reconsideration

Read "Reconsideration" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

Hailing from Aarhus, Lars Fiil is one of the latest discoveries on the Danish jazz scene. The young Danish pianist's quartet won the prestigious Young Jazz Comets Denmark in 2010, and is now ready to launch its debut, Reconsideration.

The album, consisting entirely of compositions penned by the leader, shows a band whose ...