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Sun Ra Arkestra Under the Direction of Marshall Allen: Babylon

Read "Babylon" reviewed by Mark Corroto

If the recording Babylon is any indication, the second century of Sun Ra's music will be as entertaining as the first hundred years. Recorded live at Istanbul's Babylon Club in 2014, the full effect of Sun Ra's Arkestra is captured in all its glory with this CD and bonus DVD recording.

The Arkestra has ...


Odean Pope: Odean's Three

Read "Odean's Three" reviewed by Greg Simmons

It's been a banner year for tenor saxophone trios. Not the most common lineup, this challenging ensemble has seen some terrific releases from musicians both famous and unsung, veterans and newcomers alike. Now Philadelphia saxophonist Odean Pope adds his superb contribution with Odean's Three.

It might not be fair to judge any jazz musician ...


Ratko Zjaca: Now & Then: A Portrait

Read "Now & Then: A Portrait" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Boiling a decade's worth of work down to one CD must be a frustrating yet gratifying process. Frustration likely surrounds the idea of reducing ten years of blood, sweat, composing and performing into a single package, but the recorded evidence of one's artistic growth and reach is the ultimate reward. Such is the case with the ...


Ratko Zjaca / Simone Zanchini: The Way We Walk

Read "The Way We Walk" reviewed by Nicholas F. Mondello

Jazz musicians are, in essence and practice, explorers and high-wire artists. The finest improvising players use their instruments to mine the dimensions of sound, rhythm and emotional perception, doing so without a safety net. Like its keyboard cousin the piano, the accordion as an instrument that challenges its players to explore the technical and harmonic universes ...


Ratko Zjaca / Simone Zanchini: The Way We Talk

Read "The Way We Talk" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Guitarist Ratko Zjaca's previous albums have been cross-cultural affairs, with top-flight American jazz musicians joining the Croatian guitarist on his musical journeys. While these players have vastly different backgrounds, Zjaca's music has acted as a binding agent, allowing these disparate musical personalities to coalesce into a solid working unit that moves together in service of the ...


Sun Ra Arkestra: Live At The Paradox

Read "Live At The Paradox" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Few groups have travelled as far--cosmically and musically--as the Sun Ra Arkestra. While Ra's Saturnian schtick brought him great attention and notoriety, his music goes well beyond that one area. The roots of swing, bop-leaning sounds, extra-terrestrial experimentalism and free jazz of the most ferocious kind are all part of Ra's repertoire.

Ra ...


James Blood Ulmer: In And Out

Read "In And Out" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The title of this record is simultaneously a tip of the hat toward the record label which released it and an appropriate explanation of the music contained within. James Blood Ulmer's sound resides at the crossroads where Jimi Hendrix's blues-rock collides with Ornette Coleman's music; where gutsy blues songs meet the avant-garde. His voice bears some ...


James Blood Ulmer: In and Out

Read "In and Out" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Per questo ottimo album registrato in Germania nell'agosto del 2008 il chitarrista americano James Blood Ulmer sceglie la formula del power trio cara a Jimi Hendrix: chitarra, basso e batteria. Semplice, diretta, lineare. Difficile sbagliare, facile cadere nella routine. Ma questo pericolo viene scansato abilmente dalla vena creativa del sessantasettenne musicista che ha percorso un tracciato davvero originale ...