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It's Our Generations

Read "It's Our Generations" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

It's been a strange summer here in the UK. To be fair, that description can be applied with no trace of irony to almost any British summer--and the summer of 2011 seems to have been a strange one for much of the world. But this is a JazzLife UK article, and parochial concerns are paramount, thus ...


Photographing the World's Best Jazz Scene

Read "Photographing the World's Best Jazz Scene" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

JazzLife UK--a simple idea. I'll spend much of 2010 travelling around the United Kingdom photographing the jazz scene and asking some of its members what they think about the current state of UK jazz. I'll photograph musicians, venues, performances, rehearsals, sound checks, record label executives, promoters, agents, presenters, DJs and anyone or anything else that forms ...


Martyna: Oh Butterfly

Read "Oh Butterfly" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Oh Butterfly, the first release from British singer and songwriter Martyna, is a brief but impressive debut. Her voice is light and expressive while the songs, all self-penned, herald the arrival of a talented composer--and one of these songs has the potential to become a bona fide standard.

It's important not to give ...