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The People Band: Back and playing again

Read "The People Band: Back and playing again" reviewed by Sammy Stein

46 years after their previous release, the People Band are putting out a new CD. Paul Jolly is producing the project and releasing it through his record label, 33JAZZ records. Jolly is also a member of the band. He says, “The reason for a new album is that our last one, released on the Emanem label, ...


South Africa at the South Bank

Read "South Africa at the South Bank" reviewed by Duncan Heining

The Dedication Orchestra and Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya
The South Bank Centre
London Jazz Festival
November 15, 2014

The London Jazz Festival is now in its twenty-second year. It's a vast, sprawling event and its venues criss-cross a city that never quite seems to end, whilst its musical styles span ...


Live From Old York: Gavin Bryars, Craig Vear, Matt Quinn & The Chimera Ensemble

Read "Live From Old York: Gavin Bryars, Craig Vear, Matt Quinn & The Chimera Ensemble" reviewed by Martin Longley

Gavin Bryars/Craig Vear
York Unitarian Chapel
March 1, 2014

This gig opened up the 2014 season of Late Music concerts, a series that's dedicated to newer developments in modern composition, at least when viewed in the context of centuries-old classical tradition. This two-part evening combined the works of Gavin ...


London Jazz Festival: November 9-18, 2012

Read "London Jazz Festival: November 9-18, 2012" reviewed by Duncan Heining

London Jazz Festival
London, England
November, 9-18, 2012
Now in its 20th year, the London Jazz Festival is a vast, all-encompassing affair. One of the great cities of the world, London's history saw it swallow village upon village and hamlet after hamlet and this can make it all seem dispersed and disconnected. It's an ...


John and Beverley Martyn: The Road To Ruin

Read "John and Beverley Martyn: The Road To Ruin" reviewed by Chris May

John and Beverley Martyn

The Road To Ruin


2005 (1970)

The posthumous release of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter John Martyn's Heaven And Earth (Hole In The Rain, 2011)--the basic tracks extensively overdubbed, though not edited, by producers Garry Pollitt and Jim Tullio following Martyn's death in 2009--is welcome. Compositionally, it is not ...


Saxophone and Drum duets: rue victor masse; Control This; Common Denominator; Two in NYC.

Read "Saxophone and Drum duets: rue victor masse; Control This; Common Denominator; Two in NYC." reviewed by John Sharpe

Ray Warleigh
rue victor masse

Michael Blake / Kresten Osgood
Control This
Clean Feed

Bonnie Kane / Federico Ughi
Common Denominator
W.O.O. Music


Evan Parker Trio at the Vortex in London

Read "Evan Parker Trio at the Vortex in London" reviewed by John Sharpe

Evan Parker Trio
The Vortex
London, England
July 16, 2009

“Support your local heroes!" is an injunction that should be familiar to every jazz fan. And that's what the Vortex Jazz Bar does on a regular basis by giving saxophone master Evan Parker a slot, usually on ...


Ray Warleigh: Rue Victor Massé

Read "Rue Victor Massé" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

È una storia che merita di essere raccontata quella del settantenne Ray Warleigh, uomo-ovunque della meglio musica d'oltre Manica che, in oltre quarant'anni di carriera, ha pubblicato due soli dischi a proprio nome: il primo nel '68 (intitolato con scarsa vena immaginifica Ray Warleigh's First Album), il secondo solo oggi grazie alla benemerita PSI Records dell'amico Evan Parker. Uomo-ovunque, si ...


Ray Warleigh: Rue Victor Masse

Read "Rue Victor Masse" reviewed by John Eyles

Remarkably, this is saxophonist Ray Warleigh's second solo album; his first--ingeniously entitled Ray Warleigh's First Album (Philips, 1968)--was produced by none other than Scott Walker. In the intervening years, Warleigh has been an active session player, appearing on albums as diverse as Nick Drake's Bryter Layter (Island, 1970), Soft Machine's Bundles (Harvest, 1975) and The Dedication ...