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Ideas Of Noise 2018

Read "Ideas Of Noise 2018" reviewed by Martin Longley

Ideas Of Noise
The Edge & Vivid Projects
Birmingham, England
August 3-5, 2018

Noise isn't really noise. Much of this weekender's content was somewhat sculpted, even if often rough (or scaly, or oozing) to the touch. A 'noise' outcome is usually in the eardrum of the victim, as ...

John Butcher

Read "John Butcher" reviewed by John Eyles

In the Building a Jazz Library article on Evan Parker, it says that seasoned Parker followers would describe him as the finest improvising saxophonist of his generation. Curiously, many of those same people would use exactly that phrase about John Butcher. The simple explanation for this apparent contradiction is that we are talking about two generations; ...

Another Timbre’s Violin +1 Series

Read "Another Timbre’s Violin +1 Series" reviewed by John Eyles

In common with many other labels, Another Timbre is in the habit of releasing its CDs in batches, usually four at a time. Occasionally these batches have an overarching theme linking them, such as its “Silence and After" or “Berlin" Series. The label's latest batch is one such, bearing the title “Violin + 1," because the ...


Johnny Chang, Angharad Davies, Jamie Drouin, Phil Durrant, Lee Patterson, John Tilbury: Variable Formations

Read "Variable Formations" reviewed by John Eyles

Variable Formations was recorded at a gig at London's Café Oto in February 2013. The music on it was the final set of the evening, having been preceded by a solo piano set from John Tilbury in which he used themes and sound samples from the 1939 film The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a semi-improvised duo ...


Jazzfestival Umeå 2013

Read "Jazzfestival Umeå 2013" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Jazzfestival Umeå
Umeå, Sweden
October 23-27, 2013

Umeå, 400 miles/650 km north of Stockholm at the Ume river and near the gulf of Bothnia, is the capital of Västerbotten County. The city is located in the plain coastal strip with an enormous wide horizon on all sides, and everything within reach in the ...


Various Artists: Wandelweiser Und So Weiter

Read "Various Artists: Wandelweiser Und So Weiter" reviewed by John Eyles

Various Artists

Wanderweiser Und So Weiter

Another Timbre


This ambitious six-disc boxed set will surely come to be seen as a landmark release from Another Timbre. Whereas the label has previously issued four or five separate CDs at a time, linked by some overarching theme--for instance, “Duos with brass" or “The ...


Another Timbre: Silence and After 2 – Cutting Edge

Read "Another Timbre: Silence and After 2 – Cutting Edge" reviewed by John Eyles

When the Another Timbre label was launched in the autumn of 2007, its proprietor, Simon Reynell, said he intended its output to be a balance between electro-acoustic improvisation (eai), European free improv (EFI) and modern composition. While acknowledging that there are areas of overlap between these categories, at the time he added, “My interest in contemporary ...

Another Timbre’s Duos with Brass

Read "Another Timbre’s Duos with Brass" reviewed by John Eyles

Following on from the label's Piano Series and Guitar Series comes Another Timbre's four-CD series Duos with Brass. That “with" is well chosen: each of the discs pairs an instrument from the brass family--tuba, trumpet, trombone--and a contrasting one, but the primary focus is not necessarily on the brass instrument. Typically of Another Timbre--as with those ...


Angharad Davies / Tisha Mukarji: Endspace

Read "Endspace" reviewed by John Eyles

Endspace is the debut release for this duo. For some time, Angharad Davies and Tisha Mukarji have been two of the most distinctive young improvisers performing on the UK scene, but they have not been adequately represented on disc. This release starts to remedy the situation, and so is particularly welcome.

The combination ...