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Yaron Herman Trio: Follow the White Rabbit

Read "Follow the White Rabbit" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Dotato di eleganza e asciuttezza, lo stile di Yaron Herman ha ben impressionato il pubblico del jazz. Promettente giocatore di basket fino a diventare membro della nazionale di Israele, ma reduce da un grave infortunio, il pianista israeliano prosegue la sua opera dopo A Time for Everything e Muse. In questo Follow the White Rabbit, più che nelle ...


Yaron Herman Trio: Muse

Read "Muse" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

If music could exist outside of time--not as in rhythm, but as in the time-space continuum--then it might sound like the glassy, ice-hot pianism of Yaron Herman. How did he get to inhabit this spare soundscape in almost suspended animation? Perhaps it is because he is powered by the magic of an uninhibited soul--that and the ...


Yaron Herman Trio: Muse

Read "Muse" reviewed by Chris May

Muse is Yaron Herman's fourth album and with it the Israeli-born/French-based pianist continues his steady progress towards a mature post-Keith Jarrett, post-Brad Mehldau style and the certainty of world ranking. Still in his late twenties, Herman set out his stall with the piano/drums duo album Takes 2 To Know 1 (Sketch, 2005), which was followed by ...


Yaron Herman Trio: A Time for Everything

Read "A Time for Everything" reviewed by John Kelman

Sometimes the power of a back story can eclipse the music it supports. For Israeli-born pianist Yaron Herman it's a close call, but A Time for Everything is such a refreshing and multifaceted album that a little background is necessary.

Herman, still in his mid-twenties, began playing piano at sixteen, a shift ...